Ad Review 101


Advertising Review

A Core Service Of Your BBB

Advertising is the free speech of commerce and drives consumer choice. Consumer choice drives competition, which inspires quality and service. A free and competitive marketplace depends on truth telling to maintain fair competition and consumer satisfaction. The BBB promotes truth and integrity in advertising and trade practices to protect the marketplace. The facilitation of the self-regulation of business is a core service mandated by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB).

The Advertising Review Program has three main functions:

1. Identify cases of misleading, deceptive, or untruthful advertising appearing in the BBB’s service area.

2. Initiate communication with the company whose advertising is being reviewed to seek voluntary substantiation, modification, or discontinuance of the advertising claim in question.

3. Inform businesses and consumers about the BBB’s efforts in Advertising Review.

The benefits of an effective Advertising Review Program are many.

Ethical business owners like advertising review as it helps them compete in an environment where their competitors are also representing their products or services fairly and accurately.

When consumers trust businesses, they feel more confident buying goods and services. Then consumers are more likely to make a purchase and are more likely to be repeat customers.

The BBB’s Advertising Review Program provides businesses with a mechanism to challenge competitor ads without resorting to time consuming and costly litigation.

BBB Accredited Businesses have made a commitment to abide by the BBB Code of Business Practices which includes the BBB Code of Advertising, a set of guidelines developed by the BBB to aid advertisers in the preparation and maintenance of truthful advertising.

The BBB Code of Advertising may be mailed to you upon request or is available on our website here:

Please remember that if you are a BBB Accredited Business and you are contacted by our BBB regarding an advertising concern, you are required to respond to the inquiry that you receive from our office. We also encourage you to bring any advertising claims that may be misleading, deceptive, or untruthful to our attention. Please fax, email, or mail a copy of the ad along with the name of the Source/Publication of the advertising as well as the date the advertisement appeared.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to ethical business practices including truth in advertising and for helping consumers in Central Illinois Start With Trust!


Shellese Ehrat
Advertising Review Coordinator