About the Torch Awards


The Board of Directors of the Better Business Bureau, serving Central Illinois, established the annual BBB Torch Award in 1999 to recognize those firms whose business practices and related activities exemplify the BBB’s mission and principles.

An independent panel of volunteer community leaders will select the recipients based on criteria established by the BBB. The recipient of the award will be presented at the annual Torch Award Ceremony.

The recipient of the BBB Torch Award will be eligible to be entered in the International Torch Awards through the council of BBB’s in Washington D.C.

We encourage a company principal or senior officer to complete the application about your firm and return it to the BBB.

Both BBB members and non-members are invited to enter the competition.


Candidates for the BBB Torch award will be judged on their ethical practices according to the following guidelines:

  • High ethical standards of behavior demonstrated toward customers, suppliers, users, shareholders employees, and the communities in which they do business
  • Demonstrated ethical practices surrounding their buyer/seller relationships
  • Long standing history/reputation of ethical practices in the marketplace
  • Marketing, advertising, communications, and sales practices which reflect a true representation of what is being offered in the marketplace
  • Acknowledgment of ethical marketplace practices by industry peers and in the communities where they do business
  • Ethics policies that are effectively communicated to the employees
  • Ethics policies that are designed to give long term-value to shareholders and customers
  • Training programs that assist employees in carrying out established ethical policies

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