Smarter Living is a program design to take BBB representatives into our communities to share experiences and scenarios of issues we see in the local marketplace through interactive presentations. Our goal is to educate and prepare our local consumers to prevent having problems or getting involved with a scams.

These presentations have a variety of relevant topics designed to help teens, seniors, and investors be better prepared in the marketplace.

Smarter Living for youth is a great presentation for teenagers transitioning into adulthood. They’ll get to learn about credit card offers, buying a used car, renting an apartment. Students also get first hand examples of current scams aimed at teens such as work-at-home offers, FREE prize offers, ID theft, online degrees, and much more. 


For seniors, we cover topics such as tips on door-to-door solicitations/hiring contractors, online shopping, email usage, local scams such as foreign lotteries/sweepstake offers, telemarketing schemes, phony Charites and much more.

Smart Investing helps protect potential investors from financial fraud by helping them recognize vulnerabilities, identify questionable  sales tactics, and remembering to Ask and Check the investment. 

If you would like to schedule a presentation at your school, senior living facility, community center or community gathering you can contact us at 800.675.8118 or send your request to