Arbitrator Training


Your BBB serving Central California offers a unique opportunity to serve the communities of Fresno and Bakersfield while enhancing your professional credentials. Arbitration training is open to attorneys or business professionals who are interested in serving as arbitrators.

This specialized training is for the BBB Auto Line program, which is administered by the Dispute Resolution Division of the Council of BBB’s in Arlington, VA. This is an out-of-court arbitration program that settles unresolved new vehicle warranty disputes between customers and participating manufacturers. Hearings are held at your local BBB offices in Fresno or Bakersfield and range from one to two hours.

Arbitrators are asked to commit to hearing at least four BBB Auto Line cases annually. Arbitrators may also be given the opportunity to hear other cases involving local businesses and their customers. Arbitrators will receive a $100 honorarium for each case that is heard.

If you are interested in becoming a BBB Arbitrator, complete the online application once you have review the Arbitrator Requirements.

For more information on becoming a BBB Arbitrator in Bakersfield or Fresno contact:

Mrs. Connie Alarcon
 Mrs. Melissa Rodgers