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Dear Action Line, I saw your article column on pool construction, what kinds of tips do you have for the maintenance part?
March 30, 2017


Dear Reader,

Now that the weather is getting nicer, it’s time to think about poolside activities. Along with fun in the sun, there is also the thing called maintenance. Here are some tips about maintaining your pool. Skimming the pools surface with a pool brush every day is one of the easiest ways to keep your pool clean. This will help reduce the growth of algae. You can use a long handled net to remove debris like, leaves, flower petals and anything else that may blow into your pool. Don’t forget to clean your skimmer baskets once a week. 

Make sure you have a pool sweep that runs regularly. This helps keep the water clean and may reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water clean and clear. Don’t forget to keep the filters clean.

You pool will most likely lose water due to evaporation and normal wear and tear.  Make sure you keep the water level constant. It should never fall below the level of the skimmer.  If it does, and the pump runs, it may damage your pump. Your pool may have an auto fill feature that takes care of this for you. If not just use your garden hose and fill manually.

PH levels in pools are essential. You can test the water to make sure it is clean and healthy.  Make sure the acidity and alkalinity are in good ranges. Otherwise, your crystal blue pool may turn green.  If you do see a tint of green, you can shock the pool.  Shocking is also known as super chlorinating. The chlorine kills the bacteria. Shocking may be needed after you have t hat large pool party where everyone enjoys the water. Large numbers of guests with perfumes, make up, tanning lotions, etc. can upset the ph levels. Extreme heat can also upset the ph levels. The trick is to test often and adjust the chemicals to keep a good steady ph level.

Keep deck space and lounging areas free of debris and dirt. 

If you want to be the one that enjoys the pool then hire someone to maintain it. Use BBB Request-A-Quote to get a price from local accredited businesses. Poolside with a cool drink is more fun than netting and brushing the pool. Oh and don’t forget the sunscreen..

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