Swipe or Dip? You Decide

EMV cards and terminals have been in effect for a couple of years now, but many consumers are still wondering why some stores have you swipe, instead of dip.
October 11, 2017

You go to the store, grab a few things and go to pay with your shiny, new chipped card when suddenly the clerk shouts something like, “Nope, you have to swipe; we don’t accept chips yet.”

The merchant clearly has a slot for the chip reader, so why isn’t it working?

At the Better Business Bureau, we’ve been receiving dozens of inquiries about this topic, with many consumers asking what happens if a store is not chip ready and if there is some sort of law being broken when merchants aren’t chip ready.

We were recently invited to write a column on EMV (chip readers) exclusively for the the Kern Business Journal to answer any questions consumers may still have. 

To view the full column on their website, click here