BBB Warns of Potential Online Employment Scam Through RX Lane Corporation

April 28, 2015

Your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers about a suspected fraudulent company using a West Virginia address.

Two consumers, from Florida and Nebraska, inquired with the BBB serving Canton Region and Greater West Virginia about RX Lane Corporation after being contacted via email regarding a job opportunity to be a Shipping Assistant. Neither consumer contacted the company directly, but received the emails after posting resumes on job search websites. The consumers were given a link to an online job application, and were told Lois Geller from the company would contact them within 24 - 48 hours after receipt of their application. Neither consumer continued with the process, but contacted the BBB instead.

Upon further investigation, BBB found the online application was not secured. Also an online search of the given address for the company at US office, 1206 Smith St, Ste A85, Charleston, WV 25301, showed a property that is currently for lease. The picture of the US office used on the website appears to have been borrowed from other sources online and cropped to not show the for lease signs in the window. BBB staff drove to the address and confirmed the building is vaccant. When calling the two phone numbers given for the company, 304-397-5768 and 304-397-LANE (5263), messages from mechanical voices can be heard. BBB verified with the company's website was recently created on February 3, 2015.

"Online employment scams generally involve making money by working from home," said Frank Cilona, President of the Better Business Bureau. "Scammers pretend to be a real company by advertising jobs online or contacting a job seeker that has posted to a job search site and then send the new hire a fraudulent check for being "accepted", requesting a portion of the money be sent back to the company."

Your BBB offers the following tips for online employment scams:

  • Ask questions. Legitimate employers should be willing to answer questions about the company and job. Steer clear of those not willing to provide details.
  • Always verify a company by doing your own research. Visit to find a BBB Business Review on the business offering the work opportunity. Research the company name, address, hiring manager, and product or service on an Internet search engine. Verify references, and where appropriate, check for business licensing.
  • Protect personal information. Although many employers verify Social Security numbers prior to employment, avoid putting this number on an initial application. If a company demands bank account or credit card information, look elsewhere.
  • Use only secure sites. Prior to entering any information online, review the privacy policy and verify the site is secure; look for an "s" in the "https" in the Web address bar.
  • Most legitimate employers don't charge fees. Applicants should avoid paying up front fees or making purchases to receive a job or employment opportunities. Research free services online.
  • Never forward money to a third party. Scammers prefer wire transfers and GreenDot Money Cards to request money because once the money is gone, you cannot get it back.