Accredited Business Directory Enhanced Listings

In 2009, a quarter of a million consumers contacted the Canton Region/Greater West Virginia BBB to check on a business before they made a transaction. Many of these consumers used the BBB Accredited Business Directory to find reputable companies to contact before they did business. When give the choice between doing business with a BBB Accredited Business or non-Accredited Business, 7 out of 10 consumers prefer doing business with a BBB Accredited Business.  (Results based on a recent Princeton Survey)

The BBB Accredited Business Pages is an online directory of BBB Accredited Businesses. Consumers will have greater confidence in doing business with you when they find your listing in the BBB Business pages. Your presence reassures them that your company meets BBB Accredited Business Standards.

With over 2100 Accredited Businesses in the directory,  don't let your company blend in among the many business names. You can stand out from the others within your business category with an enhanced listing.  

Enhanced listing features you can choose from include...

  • Top of the page listings
  • Color Background
  • Featured Listing
  • Bold Lettering
  • Searchable Coupons
  • About your company profile page
  • Company Logo
  • Link to map
  • Link to BBB reliability report

There is a highly visible link to the Accredited Business Directory on our homepage that will bring you more exposure.

Start promoting your business now and take full advantage of your BBB Accreditation. We have prices to fit every business budget! Call 330-455-8202  or email to sign up or for more information.