New Accredited Business Profiles


The following Accredited Business Profiles are for businesses that have joined the BBB recently and submitted a profile.

* Not all new accredited businesses have submitted a profile.

AMP Restoration, LLC                                                      

Located at 1005 Cypress Ave in Louisville, Ohio, AMP Restoration began business in August 2015. AMP Restoration provides fire and water damage restoration services throughout Northeast Ohio. They respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provide repair estimates free of charge. Andrew Printz is the Owner. The phone number is 330-983-3400. The website is

American Drilling & Pump Service, LLC

Located at 3964 Stone Creek Rd SW in Stone Creek, Ohio, American Drilling & Pump Service began business in 2007. They are a third generation, family owned business that specializes in drilling and pump service. The family entered the drilling and pump service business when William Burgan Sr. started his business in 1971. William Burgan Jr. is the Owner. The phone number is 330-795-6138. The website is

Beachy's Nylon Harness Shop, LLC

Located at 2815 Township Rd 182 in Baltic, Ohio, Beachy's Nylon Harness Shop began business in 1979. They manufacture nylon and biothane horse harnesses, halters, tack and some leather goods, dog supplies and more. They will also do custom items. They sell horse health products, grooming supplies, minerals, easy entry carts (all sizes), trapping supplies, and massagers for equine and humans. They are family owned and operated. They promote products made in America. Quality and satisfaction is guaranteed. Mose E. Beachy is the Owner. The phone number is 330-897-1350. 

G.R.A Construction

Located at 290 Hamrick Lane in Belpre, Ohio, G.R.A Construction began business in July 1989. They are primarily a roofing company performing all related activities to roofing such as: soffit, fascia, gutters, and now installing windows and siding. Their specialties are architectural grade shingles, polyglass on low slope roofs, and roofing repairs. They pride themselves in being, quick, neat, and complete. They don't promise to complete your roof in a day, but they do promise to do it right the first time. George R. Abdella is the Owner. The number is 304-482-3445. 

Moaltrie Construction, LLC

Located at 22980 State Route 172 in Minerva, Ohio, Moaltrie Construction began business in 2006. They are a full service electrical & HVAC contractor. They also perform some remodeling services, small excavating, and light hauling. Paul French is the Owner. The phone number is 330-575-1980. 

Pier One Door

Located at 2441 30th St. NE in Canton, Ohio, Pier One Door began business in 2012. They specialize in residential and commercial garage doors and openers. Excellent customer care is their priority with quality workmanship in a timely manner. They strive for customer satisfaction. They serve all of Ohio. Matthew Wyant is the Owner. The phone number is 330-437-7461.