New Accredited Business Profiles


The following Accredited Business Profiles are for businesses that have joined the BBB recently and submitted a profile.

* Not all new members have submitted a profile.

D & M Auto Body                                                      

Located at 325 W. 3rd St in Dover, Ohio, D & M Auto Body began business in 1976. Their company motto has always been "Treat the vehicle as if it were our own". D & M Auto Body does insurance work, rust work and everything in between. They take pride in the fact that they stand on integrity and honesty and have operated all these years by word of mouth from their customers. Dennis McClain is the Owner. The number is 330-343-1452. 

Yoder Roofing

Located at 3404 Mahoning Rd NE in Canton, Ohio, Yoder Roofing began business in 1995. Their goal at Yoder Roofing is to bring quality and customer service to all their customers. Mervin Yoder is the Owner. The number is 330-465-6595.

Yorkshire Carpet Cleaning, LLC

Located at 3418 Lesh St NE in Canton, Ohio, Yorkshire Carpet Cleaning began business in 2014. They offer residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, strip and wax services. They use a truck mount steam clean & dry clean system and they are bonded and insured. Sandra Robles is the Owner. The number is 330-546-0264.