Advertising Review Services


What is Advertising Review?

Through its "Advertising Review", BBB  helps identify cases of misleading, deceptive, or untruthful advertisements appearing in the media throughout . "Advertising Review" was developed to encourage integrity in the marketplace for both consumers and businesses.

"How does it work?

The “Advertising Review” program will monitor a wide range of advertisements (print, television, radio, and Internet) based on the BBB Code of Advertising. The program initiates communication with the company whose advertising is being reviewed, and encourages the company to voluntarily substantiate or modify claims of the advertisement in question.

What advertisements are challenged?

Any advertisement that is misleading, untrue, deceptive, fraudulent, falsely disparaging of competitors, or makes insincere offers to sell a product can be investigated by the BBB. An advertisement may be misleading although every sentence separately considered is literally true. Misrepresentation may result not only from direct statements but also by withholding or omitting a material fact.

What are the benefits of Advertising Review?

This program offers an opportunity for businesses to compete in an environment where everyone is representing their products/services fairly and accurately. The “Advertising Review” program protects the marketplace by encouraging self-regulation and fair competition.