Accreditation Benefits


Benefits of BBB Accreditation
BBB Accreditation is a coveted honor earned by elite businesses and charities. Not all businesses can qualify for accreditation, adding unmeasured VALUE to your Accreditation. Your BBB offers the following benefits to every Accredited Business. Additional money-saving programs and sponsorship opportunities are viewable by links at the bottom of this page.

FREE listing in our Online Accredited Business Directory

Indicated as an Accredited Business in Business Review - 7 out of 10 consumers prefer buying from BBB Accredited Businesses when given the choice between an Accredited Business or non-Accredited Business. (Princeton Survey Results)

E-Quote referral system -  Consumers can request a quote from BBB Accredited Businesses by business category or directly to your company through your reliability report...bringing you more business.

Use of BBB logo in all Print Advertising - Never advertise without the BBB logo. Give your customers immediate confidence they are doing business with an ethical and reliable company who has met BBB Accreditation Standards.

Use of BBB logo on your company website and social media sites - This dynamic seal, when clicked brings up your BBB business review in a separate web browser page, so your customers do not need to leave your site to check out your business with the BBB. 

Personalized Accreditation Certificate in certificate holder - printed in full color, hang your certificate in your businesses lobby or display at trade shows letting customers know your Accreditation status.

Static window clings for company vehicles - Is most of your business conducted out of the office? Let customers know your Accreditation status by using "Accredited Business" decals on the window of your company vehicle.

Educational Business Seminars - Seminars are offered on a variety of business related topics, designed to keep your business well informed.

Small Business Coaching - A personal FREE consultation to help you get the most out of running your business. Our professional business coach has many years of experience as a business owner of several local businesses.

Business Alerts - Receive an email or fax alert of the latest scams targeting businesses - possibly saving you thousands of dollars.

Dispute Resolution Services - Save money on costly court costs, attorney fees, and your valuable time to resolve customer disputes. this service is rated as one of the most valuable by businesses.

Advertising Review - We help stop misleading competitors ads from stealing your customers.

E-Newsletter - Sent quarterly to Accredited Businesses informing you of the latest news, alerts, seminars, and benefits available to your business. We also feature a list of new Accredited Businesses, renewing businesses, and a list of top 10 most inquired and complained about business categories.

Accredited Business Profile Spotlight - Highlights in 100 words or less information on New Accredited Businesses. This benefit is featured on our website and in our quarterly newsletter and gives potential customers more insight to what your business does and why they should do business with you.