Take learning outside the classroom with after school activities

August 10, 2017
BBB has tips to help parents decide which extra circular activities get points across the board

With kids heading back to school, it's time for parents to study which after school activities will pass the test when it comes to satisfying both mom, dad and the kids. Whether you're looking to increase your child's physical activity or teach them about the importance of giving back to the community, BBB says research and budgeting is key when looking for after school programs. 
Mary O'Sullivan-Andersen, president and CEO of BBB Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay, says regardless of what kind of after school program parents are looking for, planning and preparation are essential. 
"Parents who are looking to invest their money and their children's time into after school activities need to be sure they are investing wisely," she says. "Understanding what the time and financial requirements of activities are ahead of time will make for an easier and worthwhile decision."

BBB offers these tips when looking for after school activities:
Activity What to do/look for
Volunteering Ask the organization what their specific needs, qualifications and time-commitments are. Look for a cause that interests your child and is a kid-friendly facility. Check Volunteer Canada for volunteer guidelines and information.
Physical activity/sport Decide if you're looking for drop-in classes or a membership. Inquire about sign up fees, equipment costs, travel costs for tournaments.
Music lessons If your child wants to pursue music professionally, consider enrolling them in a music school with teachers who belong to the Alberta Registered Music Teacher's Association where they will receive education and coaching for music competition and preparation for advanced music schools. 

Otherwise, be sure the music instructor understands your child is looking for recreational music lessons. Also be sure to ask about lesson fees and budget for extra costs like instrument purchases and maintenance.
Dance classes Look for dance teachers who belong to the Canadian Dance Teacher's Association, or can present you with dance education credentials. Also ask about dance competitions, recitals, costume costs.
Art classes First determine what your child's artistic interests are: do they like to draw, paint, do pottery or other artistic activities? Are you looking for private lessons or group classes? Do larger group classes cost more than smaller groups? How much will art supplies cost?
For more tips you can trust, visit bbb.org. 

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