How to hire a personal trainer: Don't spend extra cash to shed extra pounds

February 15, 2017

BBB helps eager exercisers hire trustworthy fitness professionals

Did you over-do it with Valentine's Day sweet treats? Or lose motivation to keep up with your fitness New Year's resolution? For those looking to get in shape for summer, sometimes calling in the big guns of fitness professionals can be an uphill battle. With 64 complaints about fitness centres, gyms, health clubs and personal trainers collectively in 2016, BBB is helping exercisers get a jump on finding a trustworthy trainer. 

"Part of your research will be to seek out a fitness trainer that fits your budget and understands your health goals," says Mary O'Sullivan-Andersen, president and CEO of BBB Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay. "It's tempting to get caught up in the enthusiasm of making healthy choices, but it's important to take the time beforehand to research trainers that best suit your fitness and financial needs."
Hit the ground running with these BBB tips to hire a trustworthy personal trainer:
  • Ask about consultations. Before purchasing training packages, request free sessions to help evaluate workouts and rapport. Also, discuss goals and training options. Don't feel pressured to purchase additional sessions that don't fit fitness needs.

  • Work out the details. Make sure trainers have proven track records of success. Ask for client testimonials and referrals, preferably from those with similar backgrounds and fitness goals.

  • Trim waists, not wallets. Examine possible post-introductory price increases. To reduce costs, ask about discounts for multiple sessions and group appointments. Read all refund and cancellation policies carefully. 

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