Facebook scam claims missing Calgary family has been found

July 07, 2014

There are Facebook scams circulating around the social network that claims a missing Calgary family has been found. Five-year-old Nathan O'Brien and his grandparents, Alvin and Kathryn Liknes, were reported missing last week. The scam spams a fake Facebook post with an image that claims to contain a link to watch the video.

This scam is used to spread malware via malicious links provided in the content and images. There is no actual video of this. This scam is used to “click-bait” victims to download malicious files to their computers.

If you come across a fake Facebook profile promoting this spam message, make sure to report it. If one of your friends has posted this message, it is likely that their Facebook account has become compromised.

Before opening links, commenting or sharing these kinds of Facebook posts, be sure to confirm the legitimacy of the article by checking local news coverage. If you cannot find additional, trustworthy sources to confirm the story, chances are it’s a scam. 

If your account has been affected, BBB reccommends the following steps:

  • Change your Facebook password immediately
  • Let your Facebook friends know that your account has been compromised and not to click on spam links that appear to be from you
  • Report the spam to Facebook