Business Reviews


Q: Which companies does your BBB report about?
A: BBB maintains reviews on both BBB Accredited Business and Non-Accredited Businesses in Southern Alberta and the East Kootenays. Occasionally, your BBB will also have information about companies located outside of our service area, especially if area residents have frequently made inquiries or complaints about the company. Every company which is a BBB Accredited Business of Southern Alberta will have a review with BBB, and any non-Accredited Businesses which has had a written complaint or consumer inquiries in the last few years will also have a review.

Q: What kind of information is provided in a Business Review?
A: BBB's Business Reviews include: the starting date of the company, if known, or the date the company first came to BBB's attention; whether or not the company is a BBB Accredited Business; the company's participation in other BBB programs; the company's complaint history; a letter-grade rating and explanation of the rating, where applicable; and any other details or government action information.

Q: What does it mean if I can't find a review on a company?
A: If the company is located in our service area and we do not carry a record for them, it could be that either the company is very new or there have simply been no inquiries or complaints about the company to warrant developing a report about them.

Q: How long does a complaint record stay on a company's review?
A: Your BBB reports complaints for a period of three years.

Q: Will a company get an F rating from just one complaint?
A: Not necessarily. A company can have a complaint on file with BBB and still maintain a good rating if they respond to the complaint in writing and make a good faith attempt to resolve the problem. However, if a company refuses to respond to a written complaint from BBB, or if the company has two or more unresolved complaints or if the company has an ongoing pattern of the same type of complaints, that is grounds for a lower rating.

Q: I want to put a "black mark" on a company's report. Can that be done?
A: Your BBB acts as a neutral third party in matters of dispute. As such, BBB's aim is not to "tar and feather" companies on the basis of one unsatisfied customer, but rather, to promote communication between the parties and offer the chance to resolve the problem. The emphasis is not so much on what happened to bring about the complaint in the first place, but more so on whether the company acts in good faith to try to resolve it