Who’s New? BBB welcomes IAP Career College


Tag Goulet, Director of IAP College
Building trust on the Internet can be an uphill battle. Convincing customers to input their credit card numbers is a major hurdle online retailers continue to face 15 years after eCommerce became possible. It’s a challenge online vocational training company IAP Career College is meeting head on with BBB Accreditation. 

Therese (Tag) Goulet, is the director of the Calgary-based subsidiary of Internet pioneer FabJob.com. She says BBB accreditation was a natural way for IAP to build trust online.

“One challenge of doing business on the Internet is that everyone is aware of scams,” says Goulet. “They wonder if they put their credit card number in if they’ll ever see their money again or get anything in return for it. It’s just smart for any online business to get BBB Accredited to show they’re a legitimate, trustworthy company. Everybody knows and trusts the BBB. If they don’t trust you, they won’t give you their money.”

While parent company FabJob.com has been accredited since 2010, Goulet says having IAP accredited as well made good business sense.

“Because of the low cost and short length of our courses, we don’t fall under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Private Vocational Training Act. So, how do we establish credibility? BBB Accreditation made sense. It’s relatively inexpensive, it helps build trust with the new name and we knew people would be checking us out online,” she says.

“It helps assure people you have ethics and that if the customer isn’t satisfied, the issue will be resolved.”

IAP Career College offers online vocational training in non-traditional careers like professional organizer, business ownership, coaching and others.

Goulet says transparency (one of BBB’s Eight Standards for Trust) is a key to establishing credibility online.

“As a consumer, I go to check out the About Us section on the website,” she says. “I want to see real people, with names and faces to know who I’m dealing with. We give as much information as possible on our website so students are confident in who they’re dealing with.”

For more information on IAP Career College, visit their website at www.iapcollege.com or visit their BBB Business Profile