BBB Accredited Business Programs & Benefits


Business Ethics
BBB Accreditation demonstrates your commitment to ethics and integrity in the marketplace.

Seven in 10 consumers say they will be more likely to buy from a company designated as a “BBB Accredited Business”*

Company Reliability Report
A company Reliability Report indentifies your business to the public as BBB Accredited, confirming your good reputation. It also provides contact information and links to your website and e-mail address.

Marketing Opportunities
Your BBB publishes directories, in print and online, of BBB Accredited businesses. BBB Accredited Businesses can participate in a variety of co-op advertising as well as sponsor publications and events.

BBBOnLine Program
The program’s seal tells your customers you meet BBBOnLine standards and they can feel confident shopping on the internet.

Dispute Resolution
Your BBB provides cost effective ways to resolve a dispute and keep your customer for life. Conciliation is provided at no cost. BBB Accredited businesses receive preferred pricing for mediation and arbitration services.

Your BBB is the go to organization for advancing marketplace trust issues.

Industry Reference Lists
When consumers look for marketplace information about trustworthy businesses they are provided with a list of BBB Accredited Business in the industry of interest.

Learning & Networking
Current information and fresh new contacts are keys to business success. Your BBB provides opportunities to develop new business through helpful seminars and networking events.

Human Resources Help Line
Access a Human Resources Help Line at no additional cost. Imagine an entire HR department at your fingertips.

As a BBB Accredited business, consumers can now conveniently request a quote for services or product they are looking for while on BBB’s website.

*Summary of Major Findings-BBB Accreditation Survey-July 2007 as conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International