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66% of people who read a BBB Business Review/Profile found the link from Google, Yahoo or Bing search results.

Over 13 million BBB Business Reviews/Profiles are read every month by potential customers.

77 out of 100 People are familiar with BBB.

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Customer Reviews

Did you know that 92% of consumers read reviews to determine quality of a local business?

Encourage your customers to leave a review for your business at

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BBB Business Review/Profile

BBB offers free Business Review/Profiles on businesses. These profiles include basic business information, a BBB Rating, what industry(s) your business operates in, business management, products and services you offer, customer experience and more.


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Once BBB receives your completed registration, a BBB Business Review/Profile will be created for your business. This Business Review will include basic business information as well as a BBB Rating. Your BBB Business Review/Profile will be available on for potential customers to check out your business.


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