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Author: Rachel Gelb
Category: Auto

Whether you had the intention of towing your vehicle or not, it can be a hassle to get your vehicle back on the road. Refer to these tips when your vehicle has been towed or you are in need of a tow truck.

Tips for Towing:

Do Your Research.  Whether your vehicle has broken down, you have been in an accident, or you feel unsafe driving your vehicle, it’s up to you to choose who will be towing your vehicle and to what location. It’s always best to research towing businesses before it’s necessary to call one; but if you’re in a pinch, ask friends and family members to recommend a reliable towing business. If you own a Smartphone you can check out or use BBB app to locate reputable towing businesses.

Know Your Roadside Assistance Policy.  Many drivers have roadside assistance through their insurance policy, with a new vehicle, or if they are a member of an auto club, such as AAA. Be sure to understand the terms of the roadside assistance policy and have the information ready for the tow truck when they arrive. It’s important to remember to research the mechanic where your vehicle is being towed if it’s an unfamiliar location.

Look Around.  If you find yourself in a situation where you think your vehicle has been non-consensually towed, first search the area for warning signs and check the signs for a towing number to call. If you are unable to find a number, call the non-emergency police number to find out if your vehicle was actually towed and where you must go to release the vehicle.

Understand the Towing Fees.  Call the towing business immediately to ask for the towing fees. If you are unsure the towing business has told you the correct amount, call the local law enforcement to confirm the fee. If your vehicle was towed from private property the rates may differ so it’s important to verify with your local law enforcement. Be aware tow businesses charge a fee for storage; the longer your vehicle is left with the tow business the more expensive your bill will be.

Know Your Rights.  If you have (1) paid the towing and storage fees, (2) showed a valid photo ID, (3) proven you are the owner or the owner has given you permission to take the vehicle, and (4) you have showed any law enforcement documents, than you have the right for your vehicle to be released. If your vehicle has been damaged during the towing or storing process, you have the right to recover for the damages. Be aware if you don’t pay your towing and storage fees the tow business has the right to sell your vehicle to pay for your debt.

About the Author: Rachel Gelb is Communications and Marketing Manager for BBB serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. Find Rachel on Google +.

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Comment Submitted 1/23/2015

Agreed with all points, especially, with 4th. Well, before hiring a towing company, we need to confirm the towing fees. To analyze the exact, we should call 4 to 5 towing companies. Here's you can read about how to choose a right towing company.
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