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Author: Rachel Gelb
Category: Service

When a large printing job is needed, it is important to hire a professional. A professional printing business can provide high quality for large quantities and a broad type of materials. A reliable business is a crucial part in having the materials printed properly and in a timely manner.

Tips for Finding a Printing Business:

Shop Around.  There are many different printing businesses online and locally. When working with a local business, the experience will be more personal and provide greater accessibility. When working with an online business, they may be able to offer a lower price. Check out a printing business at for ratings, reviews, and complaints. Ask for a few quotes and compare prices carefully to see what business can offer the best deal for the highest quality printing.

Look at Samples.  Reviewing samples allows customers to see the businesses’ previous work. It gives customers an idea of the range of jobs that are offered. It shows if the business has completed projects that are similar to the one being requested and provides an image of the end results. When looking at samples, make sure the business can print a variety of sizes, colors, and fonts on numerous different types of surfaces.  

Follow the Guidelines.  Each business has a set of basic instructions for their customers to follow in order to confirm the projects are done correctly with high quality. When creating the design, stick to the guidelines so the printed materials will be exceptional. If there is any confusion, ask the business for help since they have a vast experience with designing prints.

Get a Proof.  Have the business create a proof to provide a visual before ordering multiple copies.  Getting a proof allows customers to see the layout and design of the project to double check it is done correctly. Customers receive a final opportunity to make any changes and approve their project before buying anything.

Get Everything Done in One Place.  If there are multiple projects that need to be printed it is convenient to choose a business that can accommodate every project. Some businesses may offer package deals when hired to complete more than one project. This also displays consistency of all the assorted prints. Most businesses lower the cost for customers when ordering in bulk.   

Plan Ahead.  If the printing is needed by a certain date, ask for a timeline of how long it will take to accomplish the job. The business should factor in the difficulty and size of the job, as well as time for the customer to alter and approve the original proof. State a specific deadline in the contract before ordering anything to ensure the project will be finished on time. Understand all the pricing for the job before paying.

About the Author: Rachel Gelb is Communications and Marketing Manager for BBB serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. Find Rachel on Google +.

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