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Hiring an Insulation Contractor

Author: Rachel Gelb
Category: Home Improvement

Whether you are trying to keep the heat in or out, insulation can save both money and energy when heating and cooling your home. Refer to these tips when searching for a trustworthy contractor to insulate your home.

Tips for Hiring an Insulation Contractor:

Ask Trusted Resources.  Ask friends, family members, and neighbors to recommend a reputable insulation contractor. Check out the businesses or individuals at to read reviews or complaints from previous homeowners. Be sure to find out how long the insulation contractor has been in business.

Get At Least Three Estimates.  Before choosing a contractor, get at least three estimates. Be sure that each estimate you receive is in writing. The bids should include: the coverage area for insulation, installed R-value,  total cost for the job, estimated start and completion date, and any warranty for the work.

Discuss R-Value.  Whether you live in a warm or cold climate area, it’s important to have the correct amount of insulation for your home to save money. Colder climates should look to install insulation with a higher R-value. The R-value helps to compare insulation between businesses so you know you’re looking at the same amount of insulation when checking out prices. The insulation contractor you hire should have insight to the R-value you need based on the area’s climate, number of floors in your home, and how you heat and cool your home.

Check Credentials.  Find out if your state requires insulation contractors to hold a particular contractor’s license. If so, be sure the insulation contractor you hire has obtained the proper license to do work in your state. Be sure the contractor and anyone else working in your home is insured in case anything happens on the job. Ask if the insulation contractor belongs to a certified organization such as the Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA). Contractors who belong to professional organizations are required to abide by fair practices and are held to high ethical standards.

Request References.  The insulation contractor should be able to provide a list of references you are able to contact. Contact a few of the references to see if they were completely satisfied with the insulation services they received from the business. Ask if the job was completed on time and if they cleaned up properly once the job was finished.

Carefully Review the Contract.  Be sure to carefully read and review the agreement before signing. The contract should include the details on the insulation including the coverage area, thickness, R-value, and pricing. Remember never sign a blank contract or one with blank areas.

About the Author: Rachel Gelb is Communications and Marketing Manager for BBB serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. Find Rachel on Google +.

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Comment Submitted 5/9/2014

I am looking for a contractor to come in and fix our roof. We had a little trouble with is this past winter and we could really use a new one before the spring rain starts coming in. Thank you for all the information on companies to come in and work on this for us. ***** ***** * ************************
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