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Hiring a Tutor

Author: Rachel Gelb
Category: Education

If you are concerned your child is struggling in school, hiring a tutor can help put them back on track.  There are tutors available for all ages and subjects. Use these tips as a guide when hiring a tutor for your child.

Tips for Hiring a Tutor:

Get Referrals.  Ask friends and family members for suggestions. Ask your child’s favorite teacher for recommendations. Look for a tutor that has experience working with students your child’s age. If your child is struggling with a specific class make sure the tutor is qualified and knowledgeable about that particular subject. Check out tutoring businesses through to make sure they are accredited and in good standing.

Ask for References.  Ask the tutor to provide a list of references you may contact. Speak to at least three of the references. Ask the parents if the tutor is working well for their child and if they have seen improvements in their grades and school work.

Decide the Best Method for Your Child.  There are many different ways of tutoring. Decide if your child learns better in a small group setting or with one-on-one sessions. Decide if you would like to hire a private tutor or go through a tutoring center. Keep in mind, tutoring centers are making a profit and your child’s tutor may only be getting a small fraction of what you pay. If you go through a tutoring center and have success with a specific tutor, request to have the same tutor for each session.

Ask About Availability.  It is important to discuss the tutor’s availability and flexibility. It is effective to have consistent sessions but avoid times that are late at night or on chaotic days. Flexibility is important if your child needs a few extra sessions to prepare for an upcoming test.  

Discuss Price.  The cost of tutoring can range from $25 to $65. The price may depend on your child’s age and the difficulty of the subject being taught. It is common that large cities charge more for their tutoring services. Private freelance tutors usually charge less than tutoring centers.

Make Sure Your Child is Comfortable.  The most important factor to consider is your child’s comfort with the tutor. Make sure to include your child in the hiring process. Sit in on one of the sessions and see how the tutor interacts with your child. After a few sessions ask your child how they think the sessions are improving their school work. Remember no matter how comfortable you are with a tutor always make sure at least one adult is present if the sessions are held at your home or at the tutor’s home. It is often easier to choose a public meeting place such as a library. If your child is not comfortable with a tutor do not be afraid to find a different one.

About the Author: Rachel Gelb is Communications and Marketing Manager for BBB serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. Find Rachel on Google +.

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Comment Submitted 9/25/2014

Hi, Are tutoring services not private but an actual learning centre required to obtain a business licence? My stepson is enrolled in one and I cannot find any information on it. Thanks
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