Comment Submitted 3/15/2014

I signed a contract with my employer 2 years ago. In the contract it states if the owners decide to sell the business I would be offered right of first refusal with the condition I qualify for financing. I have heard that they sold the business but they have not told me that. They are pushing for me to sign off on the contract because they know I will not qualify for financing. They also initially told they would do a contract for deed but also have said they can't do that now. Is this a beach of contract?

Comment Submitted 3/19/2014

I contracted someone to finish my basement for me. They have not met their obligation of the contract by not finishing in time(almost two weeks now) and the workmanship is crummy at best. Do I need to continue to use them to finish the job? And pay them in full if I choose to use somebody else?

Question Submitted 3/23/2014

my wife cosigned a apartment lease for my daughter,but she did not get a copy of said lease is she still legally bond by this lease ??? pa.

BBB's Answer:

If she signed I assume she is. I would ask for a copy of the lease so you can understand what, if anything, your wife is responsible for.

Comment Submitted 3/30/2014

HI! I am in the middle of a renovation of my house that was outlined in a contract with an estimate and a project description. The cost of the renovation has increased (doubled) based on subcontractor costs that were higher than the contractor estimated. One of the projects listed in the program desciption was to tile the kitchen backsplash. When I was told what the cost would be to complete the project, I suggested that we nix the backsplash to save some money. I was then told by the contractor that he had forgotten to include the cost of tiling the kitchen when he set the estimate, so omitting this part of the project will not lower my cost. . This seems at best incompetent and at worst unethical. Do I have any recourse?

Comment Submitted 4/7/2014

We signed a contract for a wedding venue a few months ago. The owner said to feel free to contact her anytime to continue planning. After we failed to receive a copy of the contract, we have tried contacting her several times via phone, text, and email. She will randomly return a call with some excuse or another and says she will get back to us or to call her on a specified day... Then it's another round of trying to get a hold of her. At this point we want a refund as we cannot see conducting further business/planning a wedding with this woman. She is now claiming that we are harassing her... Mind you, all we have done is called her when she has said to call or when she has failed to call when she said she would. Is there any way out of this contract (which we have yet to receive) and a refund of our deposit?

Question Submitted 4/22/2014

I have signed a contract with a roofing company to replace my roof. The contract details the price, the date of service (April 15, 2014), and roofing materials to be used. I paid the full price of service upfront. The contractor then did not show up on the agreed upon date of service, and has thus made and broke four (4) other appointments of service, and is no longer returning my calls/emails/texts. What options do I have? Will I get my money back if I fire him and choose to use another contractor?

BBB's Answer:

If you paid by check or credit card you can work to dispute the charge or issue a stop payment. You can file a complaint with BBB and the Attorney General's office. You can also go through the court system for breach of contract and payment for work not performed. 

Question Submitted 4/24/2014

We have a Contract with *******. The company recently sold to ***** **************. After reading reviews about ***** ************* we are not interested in keeping them as a service provider. Am i legally forced to stay with ***** ************** through the contract I have with *******? If not what steps do I need to take to cancel their services?

BBB's Answer:

I would take a look at the original contract and see if there is a clause in there about such an event. 

Comment Submitted 4/26/2014

I signed a used car contract with a dealership that he told me to sign and he told me I could go home to talk the terms over with my spouse and if I did not won't the vehicle just come back and tell him. But the deal was not complete I did not give him the down payment or my trade in. Once my spouse and I talked it over we decided that it wasn't the right deal for us. Can I walk away from this deal with no problems?

Question Submitted 5/10/2014

I received a proposal for some roof repair. I wanted to amend the contract because several items were left out. My roofer says "no problem". Three days later after he finishes the job, however incomplete and not to my satisfaction. I have not signed a contract, given a deposit or paid him yet. He now refuses to do the work we talked about. He then charged me an additional 800.00 for "extra materials", this was news to me. What can I do to get my roof finished. Also, I was upset because the workers did not speak English (except for one) and whenever I saw the roofer and asked to speak to him, he dismissed me and got into his truck and left. Please help!

BBB's Answer:

I would review the amended contract and review the contract terms to see what the obligation is for both parties. You can certainly contact your state Attorney General's office to learn more about your consumer rights and you may certainly file a complaint with BBB on

Question Submitted 5/16/2014

I called to cancel a recurring charge for a gym/pool membership I have used twice in about two years. I was informed that I cannot cancel any other way than by coming in person to their office to "fill out paperwork". I am traveling and am short on time. I learned they also require 30 days notice and bill on the first of the month, so in other words, if I go in person on the tenth of the month, I will still be responsible for paying another full month. Is this fair or lawful? Why can't a consumer just call/e-mail. They said if I mailed in my notice it would have to be certified mail.

BBB's Answer:

I would check the contract or agreement you signed to review their terms. You may also contact your state Attorney General's office to review your consumer rights. 
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