Question Submitted 9/6/2013

Is there a way to find out if a property previously had an owners title insurance policy issued? I have done some research and found that if we can provide one that was issued within the past 10 years the cost for us to purchase one would be significantly cheaper during the home buying process.

BBB's Answer:

You can hire a title professional will search the public records to look for any problems with the home's title. This search typically involves a review of land records or you can start to search public records for any record on the property.

Comment Submitted 9/17/2013

What happens if the home purchasing deal is off. Would i get reimbursed for paying the title insurance?

Question Submitted 9/17/2013

We are closing on a 15 year mortgage at 4% and financing $160,000. My Credit Union is charging us @2,620.00 for Title Insurance and Lender's Title insurance. I thought that title insurance was around $3.00 per 1,000 borrowed?

BBB's Answer:

You would have to check with your attorney on this. 

Question Submitted 10/7/2013

Is it necessary to have owners title insurance on new construction. The lender will have lender title insurance. State: Florida, Collier Cty

BBB's Answer:

I would consult with an attorney that specializes in this. 

Comment Submitted 10/13/2013

We purchased a home in 2003 and we were given a Commitment in 2002 with our proposed mortgage and mortgage company listed on Scheduled A. We received an Owners Policy after the purchase with our names listed as Insured. The proposed mortgage company was listed on Schedule B of the Owners Policy as exempt although a lien and an assignment was recorded in the County Records listing the proposed mortgage company. It was just brought to our attention that this company did not have a license to do business in this state, could this be the reason they were exempt on the Owners Policy. What kind of an adverse claim or Title dispute would this raise as their appears to be an assertion on the Title.

Question Submitted 10/19/2013

We are selling our home that we have owned for 18 yrs. we have since refinanced and taken out a second that has been paid off. At no time was any cloud found on our title by the refi or the bank issuing the second. The buyers title search has found that the previous owner either had a $140,000 line of credit or a loan of all or part of that amount. We tried to contact our Title insurance co regarding the policy that was purchased 18yrs ago and was informed that they were out of buisness. What can we do to resolve this mess or find out who has taken over the policies of the defunct buisness.

BBB's Answer:

I would contact an attorney who specializes in title insurance. 

Comment Submitted 10/30/2013

I bought house that is 108 years old. I have found out that my sewer is connected to the neighbor's sewer. Will title insurance cover getting the sewer line up to code if it passing into another person's property?

Question Submitted 11/9/2013

we closed on our home July 31, 2013 and paid for title insurance. Now it is Nov. 9 and we have not received any policy. The title company and lawyer we used will not answer our phone calls. What recourse do we have??

BBB's Answer:

I would contact your state Department or Division of Insurance and ask them what recourse you have. It is a good place to start. 

Comment Submitted 11/24/2013


Comment Submitted 11/30/2013

Does the title insurance will cover taxes on the property which was not pay from the previous owner?
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