Question Submitted 2/1/2014

I was fed up with my car, went into car dealership and i was high pressured into a purchase. I told them i was not happy with the monthly amount so i told them what i wanted to pay 189 dollars a month. I signed a line he made at the bottom of the invoice paper. I didn't sign a contract nor did i give them the required 2800 dollar down payment. Am i binded to this purchase? I got stuck momentarily leaving there driveway and in the street at home. I am not interested in this car.

BBB's Answer:

You will have to take a look at what you signed and see if you took possession of the car or not. You can always contact your state Attorney General's office for further assistance. 

Question Submitted 2/7/2014


BBB's Answer:

I would ask for a copy of the contract to see what the terms are. You can always check with your State Attorney General's office for questions on the legality of the contract.

Comment Submitted 2/13/2014

We signed a 3 year contract with a disposal company for a certain dollar amount to be paid monthly for their services. They were bought out a year later and we figured the contract was null in void. Now that we want to switch companies the current company states that we are still under contract because of what we signed with the former company. How is this legally binding since their name is not on it and they are charging us more then what the contract states?

Comment Submitted 2/18/2014

I just recently signed a contract but within the contract where it supposed to say my name it says someone elses name. But I didn't notice till a couple months later. Can I get out or what should I do?

Comment Submitted 2/22/2014

I'm 18 and got fired from my first job. I was told to sign a separation paper. I did but have know idea what it is for.

Question Submitted 2/25/2014

A year ago I set up a monthly monitoring service for my security system (one I own outright and already have installed)--every time I spoke with a company rep (both on the phone and in person at my home) I asked for monthly monitoring services and agreed to pay full price. Not once did they ever mention me agreeing to any contract term. Now I am trying to cancel and I am told I am committed to a 3-year contract and have to buy my way out of the contract. Looking at the contract, sure enough in small writing it says I committed to 36 payments terms (a term being one month). This was never even alluded to on the front end, and though I am definitely at fault for not critically studying the contract, I feel they are also at fault for misrepresenting the service I was getting. Is there significant legal precedence to getting out of a contract in this situation?

BBB's Answer:

Unfortunately I believe that you are bound by the contract. However I would check with your state Attorney General's Office to check on this. 

Question Submitted 2/28/2014

I signed up for a fitness gym and I was never told there was a 1 year contract. I went in today trying to put a temporary freeze because I was not planning on going for next month. Upon trying to put a freeze they said there is a fee to freeze of 9.99. I then asked to cancel the agreement and they said I was locked in a year. I then told them I never received a signed copy of the contract. Do I have a way out of the yearly agreement? It's like never receiving a receipt. Please advise thanks.

BBB's Answer:

Did you sign anything or agree to anything? You will have to look back on the sign up process and see what the gym has on file for the agreement. 

Comment Submitted 3/3/2014

In a case I had an interpreter coax me to sign a blank paper that the lawyer wanted me to sign, of course I was hesitant but they kept assuring me that it was fine and they did this with all their clients. So I signed . My question is: Is it really okay for the interpreter to have coaxed me?

Question Submitted 3/6/2014

Hi, I have paid a deposit for my wedding event but have not read or signed any terms and conditions, I now need to cancel the event and require my full deposit refunded. The venue said that they cannot do this as per their terms and conditions which are also on their website (I didn't know about), as I have not signed anything or agreed to anything can I legally get my money back?

BBB's Answer:

Without knowing the business and the transaction details it is hard for me to say. If the venue stated that a non-refundable deposit is required for the event then probably not. If you are sure that you are not bound by any terms for the deposit you can always file a complaint on for assistance with the refund. 

Question Submitted 3/8/2014

My husband and I spoke to a man that has a house for rent-to-own. My husband and him discussed the terms, and then we were to come back after the contract was wrote up and sign it. When we read over the contract, it was not what had been discussed. So we didn't sign it. The landlord didn't show up, and we tried to call him. But no answer. In the contract that we did not sign, it states that our $2000 deposit is not refundable. So am I able to get my money back since we did not sign the contract? Or does that stick no matter?

BBB's Answer:

I would contact your local Attorney General's office and ask them for assistance with this question.
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