Comment Submitted 4/24/2014

When I purchased my home, it was with Joint Tenants. Now there is only myself on the Deed, how do I remove the name of the other person from the Title Insurance, so it will only read in my name?

Comment Submitted 4/25/2014

I had a lien on a New Jersey property in 2005 the house was sold but the lien wasn't. The new owner allowed the house to go into disrepair and also allowed the taxes to accumulate unbeknown to me and since it became an eye sore the city demolished the house. The new owner then filed bankruptcy so now I have no house as collateral and I can't sue the owner of the house due to her filing bankruptcy. To make matters worst a company bought the tax lien which because it's a tax lien take priority over my lien will someone help me with this matter. ** **** ** ** ******* ** ****** ** *** *********

Question Submitted 4/26/2014

I am being told by my neighbor that my retaining wall and a small part of my driveway are on his property. Since I was unaware of this when I purchased the property does the Title insurance cover legal fees, neighbor compensation and lot line adjustment?

BBB's Answer:

I would suggest contacting an attorney who specializes in title insurance. You may also check the assessor's office to review your property lines. 

Question Submitted 4/28/2014

My husband and I bought title insurance in 1994. Since then, we have changed Deeds - a fee simple Deed adding my parents as tenants in common, a Deed that took my deceased mother off and gave 76% of property to my father, 24% to me and my husband, a Quit claim Deed where my husband gave me his share of our portion because of divorce, a Deed (all it says is "this Deed" that my father and I signed to give us equal split ownership, a Quit Claim Deed where my father gave me his share so I now have 100% ownership. Now I want to put the Deed in the name of my own Revocable Trust. Can I do a Quit Claim Deed or can I change Deed types and do a Warranty Deed? Also, the title insurance company I had no longer seems to do business in my state. Am I still protected? And I understand that once you do a Quit Claim Deed, no one will give you title insurance. Is that true, even if I have always been on the Deed? What about putting it in the name of my Trust? If I do that, then will I lose the right to the title insurance I already have because now it is not me owning it, it is an entity? Please help!

BBB's Answer:

I would contact an attorney who specializes in title insurance. 

Comment Submitted 5/1/2014

I have an issue regarding our homeowners insurance We refinanced our home in May 2013, and the title company sent you insurance company a check for the premium. We have copy of the check. Insurance company for whatever reason, issued a check on August 16th. Sometime between May and November our Homeowners coverage “lapsed”. At no time did Insurance send out a “Notice of Cancellation” or “Notice of Non-Renewal”, nor did we ever sign any document stating that we would be cancelling our insurance. Now Insurance request to prove that Title Company sent the check. Title company send out the Home Owner’s Insurance payments via regular mail and they we do not have anything to show the mailing. Because of this we end up with huge Escrow balance in Mortgage Company . Try to resolve, I made everything follows the rule and now have to pay for or title company mistake or insurance mistake.

Comment Submitted 5/2/2014

Where can I find statistics on the number of insurance claims made in Massachusetts in recent year or years?

Comment Submitted 5/6/2014

I am purchasing a brand new home in a large retirement community in Florida. I am paying cash for the home. Being this is new from a large development, do I really need to pay for title insurance?

Question Submitted 5/7/2014

Is the owner's title insurance usually paid by the seller or the buyer at closing?

BBB's Answer:

It would depend, it can be negotiated.

Question Submitted 5/8/2014

We are first time homebuyers. After having an insurance Company cover the house we purchased, two months later today, they Decide to cease our coverage. They had already inspected it and said everything Was good. They know it's a HUD home. The reason they are NOW ceasing it. They said the shingles in the rear of the house is uneven... My realtor had told me our roof was 5-7 years old. That's what I told the insurance company. Someone please tell me what needs to be done.

BBB's Answer:

Search for an insurance agent on to find an agent or business that can provide you with coverage. You can also ask your current agent what exactly needs to be done in order to reinstate the insurance.

Comment Submitted 5/11/2014

We purchased a house on 11/29/2013. The seller, the seller realtor, and our realtor knew we wanted to put a pool and a pavilion on the property. After purchase, the pool company discovered a huge storm water management easement that was not disclosed to us by the Title Company, the seller, or the realtors. This easement was on the public records. We had to redesign the pool several times, install two retaining walls, select a concrete pool and place the pool and pavilion very close to the house due to the easement. This came at over $ 15,000 of unexpected cost to us. The tile document referenced a subdivision plan which shows the easeement but we were never shown the subdivision plan. Was the title company required by law to show us or discuss such easement with us prior to closing or at the closing? was the title company required to show us the referenced subdivision plan? How about the seller, seller's realtor or our realtor?
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