Comment Submitted 8/15/2014

I signed a contract for a car I wasnt happy with due to extended warranty so I went back and did another contract but when I did i told them I wanted to do it with the other bank that would finance me which is my personal bank they said ok . I get there sign contract on 48 month loan everones happy. The next morning dealer calls me and says your bank wont finance you . I told them ill just bring back the car they said no wait the first bank you signed contract with will finance you for same interest same 48 months we will just send contractto them without u signing I said no I want 60 months so I went signed contract. A week later I get a letter from my bank saying they would finance me on a counter offer but I need to act with in ten days of letter .well now I have contract with the first bank..what are my options now I have a day left for counter offer im I stuck

Comment Submitted 8/18/2014

My husband and I are in the process of having a home built in an adult community in Ontario, Canada. When we went to the property yesterday we found an elementary school being built in our back yard. Did the sales person have an obligation to advise us of this. We only started the procedure three months ago so they definetely knew about this at that time. A school takes years to get approval.

Comment Submitted 8/18/2014

Hi, I live in California. I've signed a contract to remodel my bathrooms for a month. Now I'm about to move and want to cancel the contract. The contract paper doesn't say anything about penalty on cancellation. I've deposite $1000 and I accept to loss that deposit. However, the contractor want me to pay 20% of the overall cost and that's the penalty for cancellation. If the contract doesn't say anything about penalty, can I refuse to pay it? thanks, ****

Question Submitted 8/20/2014

I financed a vehicle at a dealership the contract i signed for . is different finance company then what is calling me for payments is my contract still valid? Does the dealership have the right to write up a new contract without my signature?

BBB's Answer:

You would have to refer to the original contract and see if the finance company can sell your loan to another finance company. You may also want to verify that the loan is not in collections. 

Question Submitted 8/21/2014

I signed a contract with a security company two years ago because the salesman who came to my house explicitly sold us on the fact that this wasn't a multi-year contract and we could cancel at any time. (Would that make the contract illegal?) Looking at the contract, it says it if for three years and if we want to cancel we have to provide written notice — but it doesn't say anything about us having to pay the remainder of the contract (as the company claims). Are we on the hook for the remaining balance of the three year contract if it isn't specified in the contract?

BBB's Answer:

I would contact the business and ask them directly where in the contract it states that you can't cancel without oaying the remainder of the term. I would also check with your state Attorney General's office as well. 

Comment Submitted 8/22/2014

I have a contract with a company in NJ that fabricates aluminum railings. I left the usual half payment. The contract states the job will be completed and installed in 3 to 5 weeks. Its now going on ten weeks. Can I cancel the contract for breach? Or would it be best to file a dispute with the credit card company for the deposit and see if that motivates the company.

Comment Submitted 8/23/2014

What if someone offered to look at your product but you told them you couldnt afford it right now and did not authorize the work but he does it anyway and uses intimidation to get his way. There was no contract signed or agreed to he just gave me a quote. Now hes giving me 14 days to pay the 128.00cost or he will sell my sewing machine. He claims he can get alit of money for it. He also told me to only pay in cash no checks .he also stated that he doesnt make his clients pay taxes but threaten to charge me if i didnt pay him . Im tired of being intimidated and my sewing machine held for ransom. Ive got the paperwork and owners manual that proves its reluctant to pay him but if i dont i wont get my machine back.i did not see a licence or other info at hus home claiming it was a legit business . Im not sure what to do. Help again i did not give him permission to do the work i only authorized him to look at and give me an estimate.i told him up front i couldnt afford to get the work done but he proceeded to tell me how bad all if the ither sewing machine repair shops are.there is alot more to this ussue than this but it would take a while.can he keep my machine or not or is it considered theft since i dud not authorize it.?

Comment Submitted 8/27/2014

I'm a try truck driver owner operator I'm leasing the truck trough a company and they are forcing us to become a company driver. Because they want to just be company drivers now I have 14 day to sign or they will terminate the lease purchase contract is this legal

Comment Submitted 8/29/2014

I have been made an offer to purchase a beauty supply store. However, the concern Im having is that the seller wants me to put a deposit now, and pay the balance April 2015. How soon should I give a deposit I think that is too long. Besides that the seller has a contract to lease the space until 2016, she wants me to continue the lease until then. Help please, little bit confused

Question Submitted 8/29/2014

A friend bought a used car from a dealer. After haggling over price the dealer agreed to sell at 10,000 and total price would be 11,000 for fees and tax included. When the buyer signed the price actually stated 12,500 and he did not see this price because the dealer said sign this and he did. He also speaks limited English as this is not his first language. Does he have any rights to negate this contract?? He feels he was taken advantage because of his limited understanding of English, which the dealer was aware of. He does have one witness that was with him when this occurred. Does the car dealer have a responsibility to explain the terms and cost being agreed upon? If the verbal agreement was one price and the contract was not the same is this fraud?

BBB's Answer:

The below link may assist you:

I would also suggest contacting your state Attorney General's office. 
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