Comment Submitted 5/12/2014

I think getting homeowners insurance is going to be the most difficult thing for me. I've never had to find my own insurance before. This will be quite the adventure though! **** * ********************************

Comment Submitted 5/20/2014

What are the requirements to purchase a Bussinessowners Policy? What are the differences between Bussinessowners Policy and just a Home Owner Ins Policy?

Question Submitted 8/20/2014

I have a HO5 with 1 million in liability. I have two rental houses with just the Fire Policy on them. Does my homeowner policy cover the LIABILITY on the the two rental houses?

BBB's Answer:

You would have to refer back to your policy to see what it includes and does not. I would also contact your insurance agent. 

Comment Submitted 12/4/2014

I need insurance on a previously uninsured property in Maine. It is now my primary residence but was seasonal prior.

Comment Submitted 1/17/2015

I have been paying insurance to ****** Insurance for four years. Recently they canceled my insurance because they claim Arizona's distribution cost for the standard consumer policy has forced them to undertake an orderly nonrenewal. I have never made a claim for car or home to this company. Now I have to find new insurance which will undoubtedly be more exspensive. Do I have any redress on this issue?

Comment Submitted 2/13/2015

I am glad I decided to check with the BBB in an effort to educate ourselves in regard to Homeowner's insurance and it's stipulations. I am in the process of getting an insurance company for Homeowner's Insurance. Thank you.

Question Submitted 2/14/2015

I fully own my home, the kids are gone, and the large house is mostly empty. If I did not care to rebuild the home as is, in other words, settle for a smaller design in case of a catastrophic fire, could I insure for a lower replacement value and therefore a lower premium?

BBB's Answer:

You would need to contact your insurance agent for this information. 

Question Submitted 2/16/2015

Can a homeowners insurance cancel you policy if you do not have a landscaped yard?

BBB's Answer:

It would depend on the policy. I would review the policy to see if there is information about that in their and contact your agent for assistance. 

Question Submitted 3/12/2015

It is acceptable to have the home insurance cover just the house itself, and not the lot? For example, if the total price bought was $200,000, and the lot price is $50,000; I was planning to insure for $150,000 only. Thanks.

BBB's Answer:

This would be a question to ask your insurance agent.

Below is a link that may also assist:

Question Submitted 4/10/2015

I have been with the same home insurance for around 12years. I have used the home owners insurance twice throughout this time. Once in 2012 for the boiler being cracked and this last time was in 2014 due to a crazy storm and a tree fell on our home. We just recieved a letter from our insurance stating that they refuse to renew our policy due to "loss" I dont understand how two seperate occasions that were out of my hands ended up having my insurance not wanting to let us renew. Can I fight this? I dont understand how I pay so much money to have insurance and when I use it, I get reprimanded and now I am being "thrown out".

BBB's Answer:

You should certainly review your policy and read what the policy states as far as claims. I would also contact the CT Insurance Department and ask about your rights: 1 2 3 4 5 Disclaimer:
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