Question Submitted 1/10/2013

If personal property of a guest is destroyed by a pet, does home insurance of either the homeowner or guest normally cover the loss?

BBB's Answer:

You will need to check your homeowner's insurance policy or that of the guest to see if the policy covers damage from pets.
Pet damage may not covered by homeowners insurance. A significant number of homeowners assume that their homeowners insurance provides blanket coverage against losses incurred on their property. This can be a costly assumption. To protect their investments, homeowners need to understand what kinds of damage are covered by their policies and where they are exposed to risk. They should then ask their insurance agents what types of additional policies, riders, and endorsements are available to safeguard their homes against disaster.

Question Submitted 2/18/2013

What items are commonly covered by a condo association insurance policy? What if each unit has it's own furnace/heating and hot water system? Thanks

BBB's Answer:

This information would be found in a copy of the policy. Condo associations typically have master insurance with stipulations on what the insurance covers. Some policies cover the entire unit, from the exterior walls in while other types of policies may cover less than that. 

Question Submitted 3/21/2013

Can your insurance company cancel you just because you don't carry auto insurance with them? we have been with them for over 15yrs.

BBB's Answer:

It would depend on the kind of insurance plan you have set up. You would have to look at your policy and contact your agent to discuss further. 

Question Submitted 4/12/2013

Are Natural Disasters generally covered by house insurance.

BBB's Answer:

It depends on the actual coverage you purchased. I would look at your policy and contact your agent for more information.

Question Submitted 5/28/2013

I had homeowners insurance, but before the expiration date, I quoted for another company because My insurance company doubled my policy to more than $1000, so before the expiration date,my paperwork and change with my Mortgage company was in place. So happen the Mortgage company paid the former insurance company (Allstate) for the year. I have emailed Allstate of the change and faxed the necessary paperwork (Declaration/Cancellation Letter) to Allstate, but they are claiming they never received paperwork. I have confirmation of fax, so I know they received everything. I even emailed the Cooperate office of Allstate and they keep saying go thru agent and I did. I know they do not want to send the money back, but they have to. My new policy was in place before deadline for Allstate. What can I do to get my money back for my escrow.

BBB's Answer:

You can file a complaint with BBB at and with your state Division of Insurance.

Comment Submitted 7/15/2013

Can my insurance company refuse to renew my policy because of two small storm related claims in a year. Never had claim in over 6 yrs. before. First claim was for a new roof due to hail damage 8,000 dollars. Second claim a yr later was for assorted damage of about 4,000 dollars from a close call tornado.

Question Submitted 8/11/2013

Does homeowners ins cover damage my dog does to another persons blinds while they were watching my dog?

BBB's Answer:

It would depend on the policy. I would take a look at your policy and then contact your agent with any further questions. 

Comment Submitted 8/21/2013

Could coverage for fire damage under a homeowners policy be denied if the fire department was delayed in getting to my home becuase I failed to keep my drive way clear of snow?

Comment Submitted 10/12/2013

My insurance company ( and I think most) writes my howeowners policy as a HO-6 which is for Condos, not PUDS. And since the state of California just allowed them to raise the price of Condo ( HO-6) but not the price of single family home insurance, my insurance is going up 29.66%. INstead of down like single family homeowners. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Submitted 10/27/2013

We recently had two feet of water in our basement as a result of torrential rain in our area. As a result we had to rip out and dispose of the entire contents of the basement. We are now negotiating with our insurance company on our coverage. We had only $10k in sewer backup coverage but fortunately had another rider/endorsement on our policy to cover above ground water damage. The insurance company has confirmed that some of the water did enter the basement through our above grade windows and that we are in fact covered under that endorsement in our policy. However, they are trying to attribute 50% of the damage to the sewer back up and 50% of the damage to the above ground water damage. Is it a standard practice to split damages across one type of coverage vs another? Or should one type of coverage supersede the other? The rider we have for above ground water damage covers us for full replacement value and we are unsure if we should be pushing for all of the damages to be covered at 100%.
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