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The goal of academic accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality. Academic Accrediting agencies, which are private educational associations of regional or national scope, develop evaluation criteria and conduct peer evaluations to assess whether or not those criteria are met.
“Back-to-school” specials now run all summer long and, while kids may not want to think about summer’s end, smart parents can take advantage of all the deals to save money and send their children to school with everything they need.
From “tweens” getting their first smart phone, to preschoolers playing games on mom’s tablet, to students researching a science fair project, more and more kids are getting online every day. Nearly half of children in 1st-4th grade have regular access to a cell phone, and the majority of middle and high school students have their own phones. Parents are concerned about what their children may be seeing online, but they should also be concerned about what they are sharing online. Better Business Bureau and its national Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) have these tips for parents.
“Going green” for Earth Day? You are not alone! Earth Day (April 22) is when many people pledge to make changes to help improve the environment. When consumers think of going green, we often think of how costly it can be. While big changes like buying a hybrid vehicle or installing solar panels on your roof can be costly, consumers can also help the environment without purchasing expensive items. Here are some BBB tips for small, inexpensive changes we can all make to our lifestyles to help improve the environment:
Textbooks are often a very expensive purchase for students however there a few ways to decrease these costs. Follow these BBB tips the next time you shop for textbooks.
If your son or daughter is about to start the difficult college search and application process, you may be considering hiring an educational consultant for extra guidance. Use the following tips as a guide to choose the right educational consultant for your student’s needs.
If you are concerned your child is struggling in school, hiring a tutor can help put them back on track. There are tutors available for all ages and subjects. Use these tips as a guide when hiring a tutor for your child.
Your signature binds you to a contract. Your Better Business Bureau offers the following information for before and after you sign a contract. 
Your signature binds you to a contract. Your Better Business Bureau offers the following information for before and after you sign a contract. 
Summer is the perfect time for children to try out new adventures like summer camps. There are many different types of camps for children, from sports, art, or additional education, to fun summer activities. Before signing your child up for a summer camp, be sure to read through these tips to ensure a fun-filled summer for all.