Comment Submitted 5/19/2014

I had a verbal agreement with a contractor to do my roofing . After the insurance co tells us how much they would pay my contractor ask me $2000 more to replace my roof . I didnt agree and cancell the job with him , after that i found another contractor who did the hole job for the price that ur insurance paid for .now the first contractor is charging me $1800 for labor and materials that he didnt buy or worked what should i do now

Question Submitted 5/22/2014

Hi, I recently purchased a trailer. At the time of signing my husband and myself both signed the contract. We received a call a week later that the RV company was having a hard time obtaining financing and would need to remove myself from the loan and increase our interest rate. I let the finance guy know that we were ok with this change however we seen a better unit and wanted to purchase that unit instead, since the contract would be changing. I then received a VM that the finance guy was able to pull some strings and nothing would change on the original contract and we had no choice but to take the original unit. Fast forward two weeks later after we picked up the unit we have now received an email that they cannot obtain financing again and need to remove myself from the loan and change the terms with just my husband on the loan. My question is can we just return this trailer and get our deposit back? This is not what we agreed to and at this point I am very upset that they stuck us with a unit we didn't want and are trying to change the terms.

BBB's Answer:

I would contact your state Attorney General's office to find out what your rights are. You may also file a complaint with

Comment Submitted 5/26/2014

I hired a general contractor, he wrote out what he called a menu, with that he said I can add work or take away, I chose to take away curtain jobs because of the quality of work he was performing. Near the end of the job, he started adding costs for things he said he would do, but didn't have it written in his so called menu,He didn't have me sign this menu, my ? is am I obligated to pay these xtra costs?

Question Submitted 6/3/2014

I signed a contract with ********** **** ******** ******* ph# ************ on 5-19-14 to Wash and Stain/Seal our wood deck. The Total agreed price is $850.00 with a project date set as "ASAP" They called the week of 5/27 to say they were going to be out on 5/29. They no call/no showed. They have not responded to any of our emails or returned any of our calls. Their phones are no longer accepting messages. No money has been paid out. Can I simply cancel the contact and inform them via email they are not allowed on my property without any financial harm to myself?

BBB's Answer:

Is the business out of business? Does the contract have cancellation terms? You may also contact your state Attorney General to verify your rights. 

Comment Submitted 6/10/2014

Yes I work for a company and I am under contract but I have never received a copy of the contract. Every time I ask for one they don't ever respond to my messages or emails.. does this break the contract since they will not send me a copy?

Comment Submitted 6/15/2014

We signed up for dish internet over the phone and had it installed last week. It didn't work at all so we had someone else come out and fix it but it still doesn't work like they said it would. Is there any grace period? Like 14 days to change your mind or is it binding the second it is installed?

Question Submitted 6/23/2014

Hired a contractor to install a new bathroom - 45k estimate. He said he doesn't do written contracts for small jobs. We were desparate and he came highly recommended, so we agreed and gave him a 10% deposit. Project was postponed due to another project taking longer than expected. We met a week before starting date and all of a sudden the price had gone up by about 1/3 from what we had discussed. Things seemed sketchy, so we called to see if permits had been pulled as the contractor said they were approved 2 months earlier. Nothing had been filed. These two things led us to fire the contractor before work even started. He refuses to give us our deposit back, which he says was refundable and will not return any of my emails. What should I do?

BBB's Answer:

I would file a complaint with and let us assist you with your complaint. 

Comment Submitted 6/24/2014

I have purchased a promotional subscription for 2 weeks on a fairly reputable website. When I bought this, there was no mention of automatic renewal on the webpage displayed. When I received the confirmation e-mail from them, it did not contain a copy of agreement, just the amount I paid and a link to their terms and conditions. When I checked 'my account' page it contained my credit card info without an option to delete it. It did not contain ANY information about my subscription status. Then they charged my credit card for $129, without sending me a receipt or notice of renewal (they have monthly, quarterly and annual subscription options, and they charged annual). I found out about this charge from my credit card statement- not from them. When I checked my account page it still did not display virtually any information about the type/term of subscription. I only found out what I was charged for after I called them and requested refund. They said I agreed to automatic renewal when I purchased promotional subscription- which is not true, since virtually no information was displayed on the screen regarding automatic renewal, just reference to terms and conditions. Is this behavior legal?

Comment Submitted 7/7/2014

I would like to know if this person was able to reach the state attorney general's office for the roofing issue as highlighted in this thread and what was the feedback as I have the same issue..I hastily signed the contract and did not realize that it was a conditional contract as it was not explained welll Question Submitted 7/26/2013 I have an agreement with a roofing contractor that I signed. It currently only has my name, contact information and my signature (No description of work or price). I was under the impression when I signed that it was to allow this contractor to look for damage on my roof. Things went south with this contractor when I asked for a quote and product details prior to getting the insurance check endorsed by my mortgage company. They refused and I started looking for a new contractor. They are now asking for 30% of my insurance check (per the agreement, because I do not want to give them the job). Is this a binding agreement with this contract since there is no description of work or price on the contract?

Question Submitted 7/14/2014

I signed a contract with a student loan document management company over the phone. I was led to believe that I would be paying a fee toward my student loan but in fact I went back & read the contract and the amount I agreed to was to the company instead. The account manager asked me hurry up and sign to get the payments started. I agreed for them to take money from my bank account on a certain date of the month. I was desperate and feel tricked. Can I cancel this tricky contract?

BBB's Answer:

I would contact your State Attorney General's Office for guidance.
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