Question Submitted 12/3/2013

my mother has homeowners insurance in vermont she had it for 30 years and received a phone call from her insurance company ******** ******** insurance telling her they were updating her insurance because they thought she should have more insurance on her home and it was not much more a month and had a series of questions One of the questions was if you owned pets and she said yes they asked her what type of pets and the breed of her dogs when she told them she had a German Shepard they told her that is one of one of the dogs that is not allowed and her policy will expire cause of the dog my question is to you that she had this insurance for over 30 years and has always had a shepard and now all of a sudden its not allowed.. Now where can she get insurance that allows this breed of dog? also how can they change this all of a sudden

BBB's Answer:

She would have to look at her insurance paperwork to see if there is any information in the policy that specifies that certain breeds are not covered. She may have to shop for another policy. 

Comment Submitted 12/4/2013

I purchase insurance through this lady, whom I paid faithfully. To later find out that the policy isn't in my name but the property is. Can someone other than the homeowner, purchase a policy on the dwelling of the home. I got insurance with an individual an she told me that she would mail my policy to me. Well, I haven't recieved it nor do, I know what is cover under the Blanket Policy. Its now been two years passed, an new home caught a fire. I contacted the lady, who I have coverage with an she informed me on the third attemp that I have this blanket that doesn't cover personal property. She told me that the house would be repaired and thats it. Can I do anything in this situation, not know whats covered. I have losted everything. Please advise.

Question Submitted 12/19/2013

Mu husband and I purchased a home 5 years ago and have had homeowners coverage on it. Just recently we were informed that we are being dropped and went to find another policy. We have been denied because in front of our street TARC has opened a business and we cannot get insurance because of a business set up close buy. How can this be legal?

BBB's Answer:

I am not sure. I would start by contacting your state's Division of Insurance and get some information from that agency so that you know how to take your next steps. 

Comment Submitted 1/23/2014

Why can't an insurer remove an external structure (like a garage) from a policy? My insurer wants to cancel me because the home I just bought needs garage repairs. It will be extremely difficult to make these non-essential repairs in the middle of winter (new door, new window, getting moss off the roof), etc. Thanks.

Question Submitted 1/24/2014

I have damages to the inside of my home. I called my insurance company which is *** ***** to send out an adjuster because I didn't know if my policy would cover it, and they did. The adjuster told me the damages came from not keeping the maintenance up on my home. But the damages came from the home next to me because of there bad roof and the rain water from there side wash down my side of the wall, but there isn't any damages to the back wall. It's the wall that separate the houses. He's trying to say that the damages on the inside of my home came from not having my bricks pointed causes the damages. Not true, because the damages is about 6 feet from the back wall. My question is should *** ***** have paid the claim to repair the damages.

BBB's Answer:

I can't determine if payment should be made. I would re-read your policy to understand it and contact the insurance agency to find out what the process is for the claim to be re-opened. 

Question Submitted 1/28/2014

Does the federal government guarantee or back up, homeowner's insurance policies? For instance if several big hurricanes hit Florida, cause a lot of damage, some insurance companies may not be able to pay out, on all the insurance policies. (I am not talking about flood insurance) What happens if this occurs?

BBB's Answer:

This link may be able to assist you -

Question Submitted 2/14/2014

My outside faucet started to leak with the recent cold weather in minnesota. As a result the water froze and caused our foundation to shift and settle. I cannot open the lower sliding door and have some cracks that have appeared downstairs. Does my homeowners insurance cover this kind of damage and settling of foundation due to a faulty faucet that discharged water due to cold weather.

BBB's Answer:

I would take a look at your policy and see if it covers that sort of damage. I would also contact your agent or your policy holder and ask that specific question. 

Comment Submitted 4/1/2014

We had a small fire in our home last year. It only did a little damage to the kitchen, so we were lucky. We were so glad we had coverage. Until that happened, I had no idea how these policies worked. ***********************

Question Submitted 4/2/2014

Can my homeowners insurance cancel me AFTER I make a claim for having to many claims? I have been paying my premiums and now have a mold problem due to the severe winter that the city says must be taken care of. The insurance company said I made too many claims refused to pay for the damage and cancelled me. Now I have no insurance. Why didn't they cancel me BEFORE I made the claim instead of taking my money?

BBB's Answer:

I would take a look at the policy and all of the fine print and see if that information is included. I would also contact the Division of Insurance in your state. 

Comment Submitted 4/8/2014

I want to buy a policy that will cover all the appliances and other items in my home, such as air conditioning and heating systems, toilet, sinks, hot water heaters, etc. Can you recommend reliable companies who provide this coverage? My home is 15 yrs old; I replaced the a/c system 5 years ago; the refrigerator and dishwasher as well.
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