Comment Submitted 9/22/2013

I am planning to pay for the roof replacement with my home equity but I am over my limit could I get out from under the contract on count of not having money at my disposal. I am on fixed income and this company is 10000 dollars over with their price than 2 other companies I got quotes from. I was under the impression that I was getting a good price since this company did my windows and gutters at reasonable price, but it appears that on roof it looks like a price gauging. They gave me a quote of 16690 where other 2 companies are under 10000. I know I should have gotten 3 quotes as I usually do but I trusted this company for fair price since they gave it to me in the past. I feel this time they are trying to get big commission. Do I need an attorney to get out from this contract?

Question Submitted 9/28/2013

I Recently purchased a home with brand new furnace installed, after trying to fire up the furnace noticed i wasn't getting any heat. Had two diff. HVAC techs come & both said the system was installed wrong, the first tech found a hole in our gas valve (could have blown up house). I found out that the seller used an unlicensed contractor & no permits were pulled for the job. I have to get a new furnace w/new ductwork, flue corrected, gas pipe re-done (not up to code)etc which will cost me several thousand dollars. What recourse do i have against the seller for using an unlicensed contractor?

BBB's Answer:

I am not sure if you have an recourse or not. I would contact an agency, like the Attorney General, that may be able to interpret the law or contact your attorney who represented you through the buying process and see if they have any ideas. 

Comment Submitted 10/4/2013

I recently had an alarm installed on my car exactly 1 week ago and everything was working fine until a few days ago. It just goes off and doesnt shut off. I have decided I no longer want this alarm on my car and would like a refund. As stated in their agreement they state products are "non-refundable" but I didn't sign their agreement. So technically this is not a legally binding agreement right? Can I get a refund on my alarm?

Question Submitted 10/30/2013

I got insulation work done on my house early this year. They said they would come back to finish insulating the rim joists where I needed my foundation wall fixed. I just needed to let them know when it was fixed so they could come back then. They left of money equivalent to do that insulating. Am I obligated to pay this if I don't want that work done anymore?

BBB's Answer:

It would depend on the agreement/contract you have with the business. 

Comment Submitted 11/22/2013

I bought a car at a dealer. They gave me a price and I was agree the sales person made me sign the price he gave me, but after that he said everything was ready based on the price I was agree to pay. I signed the paper because in the left part it has the amount he gave me at the beginning. Since the contract was a long document, when I got home, I realized that they are financing more. In other words, they changed the price and made me sign the contract.Please let me know what I can do?. I want to tell them I don't want that deal but if they don't give me the price I was given at first, I don't want to pay the car, I will return it and I wont pay it. I am very upset, I trusted them. What happen if I return the car and refuse to make those payments? please instruct me I need help!

Comment Submitted 12/27/2013

I have signed a contract with the company I work for and have to break it for family reasons. According to the contract I have to pay some money back to the company I work for if I break the contract. Is it legal for the company I work for to take money back from me? Is it an illegal contract to stipulate me to do so? Which states in the US are exempt under such law, if any such law exists.

Question Submitted 12/28/2013

I left a company a year ago and receive a letter stating I didn't give enough notice for me leaving and that I have cause damage to the company also the company clams that I cannot work for at least two years in the field I work in which is stated in they contract. however I never received or sign a contract it was an employee hand book and I never got a copy of it. whiles working there I sent a letter to management I need a copy of any legal documents that I sign the company refuses to give it to me now that I left a year now am receiving a lawyer letter stating I owe a some of money. the lawyer letter that I received wasn't seal as well .

BBB's Answer:

I would contact the Division of Labor in your state and explain the situation and ask them for advice on how to proceed. 

Question Submitted 12/31/2013

I signed a contract with a plumber back in September. They did half the job and went through rough inspection, but the inspection services never issue a plumbing permit because of missing documentation. Now they refuse to return any of my calls and I don't think they will return to complete the job. I paid them 95% of the total contract. Can I get any of my money back?

BBB's Answer:

I would try to. I suggest filing a complaint with BBB on to see if we can assist you in getting a refund. Depending on the cost you may want to consider small claims court as well. 

Question Submitted 1/3/2014

***** corp canceled my layway because they did not have the stock and I would get my refund I called they said three to five days called again they said five to seven now it is eight days I called again and they said they would investigate and issues a refund twenty four to forty eight hours now still don't have my refund what do I do now

BBB's Answer:

I would file a complaint on and see if BBB can assist you in recovering a refund. 

Question Submitted 1/6/2014

Hello, I signed a contract with a local gym on their Gym Kiosk machine. The reason I signed with this gym was because of their great promotion they were offering for a limited time. When I signed the contract I saw that the promotion was applied and was correct. This gym to be Eco-friendly does not give hard copies, but sends you a copy of the contract via email. When I looked over the contract on my computer it was totally different than what I signed at the Gym. This is a pretty well known gym franchise. Now I am being charged a lot of money that I didn't sign up for. I told the owner, but he wont repay me the extra costs. What should I do?

BBB's Answer:

I would suggest filing a complaint with BBB on If you associated a credit card with the payment I would also contact your credit card company and ask if they can assist in anyway. 
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