Comment Submitted 1/9/2014

I purchased a new vehicle from a new car dealership, during negotiations I told the finance manager the interest rate I was willing to pay and a monthly pmt amt I could afford. The first time I was to sign the contract the finance manager said he could not get the rate I requested so I left, no deal. I received a call from the dealership about a week later and was told that ***************would do the deal. I had told the finance manager on my first visit with him that **** ** ******* sent me a offer for that rate because I had accounts with them but was not happy with their new customer service and charges and did not want to use them. So after receiving his call stating he got me financing with **** I went in and signed the contract that states the financing is with **** ***** ******. I became concern when the first note came due and I had not received a statement, I call *************** and was told I did not have an account with them, I called the finance manager and he said my financing was put thru ***************. I called *************** and requested a copy of my signed contract. Upon receiving the copy I seen where the finance manager crossed out *************** and wrote in ***************. My contract was changed after I signed it without my knowledge or approval. Is this legal.

Comment Submitted 1/14/2014

i put a deposit and signed a contract on a puppy with a breeder but i have changed my mind and want to get my deposit back can i legally get it back or do i lose it

Question Submitted 1/14/2014

I had **** network but the service was very shotty service so im paying full price for half of a network... and they want me to pay to cancel is this legal im holding my end of the stick up shouldn't the contract be nulled by them if they don't hold their end up?

BBB's Answer:

You will need to review the contract you have with the business to understand your options. 

Comment Submitted 1/16/2014

I bought a car and signed not to buy a contract cancelation, now I don't want the car anymore what are my options?

Question Submitted 1/16/2014

If I sign a contract stating payment frequencies and the business says I need to pay more when he requests or he can not provide service, can I get out of the contract?

BBB's Answer:

Without more information I am unable to answer your question. I would read through the contract to understand the terms as a first step. Then any issues you have you may want to contact the business and speak with a supervisor if you need to. 

Comment Submitted 1/18/2014

I financed a vehicle on Dec 5 20013. I received a phone call from dealership today stating the back no longer wants to finance me. Now they want me to come in and sign a new contract with a different bank at a way higher interest rate and higher monthly payments. Can they do this after we already signed a contract? What are my rights and what should I do.

Question Submitted 1/18/2014

I signed up for a small gym in my local area, when I signed up the owner's father had passed away. He had pre-filled the contract other than my inputting my billing/signature information. I wanted to cancel my contract, the owner just sent me a copy of the contract that I signed 2 1/2 months ago. I never received a copy initially because had I known that it was for a 1 year commitment I wouldn't have signed. He's agreed to shorten the contract to 6 months, but is there anything that can be done if I never got a copy of the contract initially?

BBB's Answer:

I would look at the contract to see what the terms are. Then I would contact your state attorney general's office to see if they can offer any further advice. 

Question Submitted 1/20/2014

Hi, I accidently signed the agreement with ****** ****** **** They send us a fix to verify our company name and contact information. I thought it was a regular ****** ***** company and I confirmed that the contact information is correct signed the paper and faxed it back to them in Oct 10, 13. In November we received a bill for them for $1,129 CA. Called them immediately and said that I send them a fax just to verify the information and did not mean to sign any agreement plus I’m not even authorized to sign any agreements. They said that I should send them a request to cancel the agreement. I did it immediately, but within 2 weeks I received a remainder that the bill is still pending and that we must pay it. I said that I fax them the cancellation request but that claimed that they have not received anything and suggested I send it again. I sent it again but within another 2 weeks received second remainder to pay the bill plus $50 remainder fee. I called them again and said that I send them a cancellation letter; they said that it takes time to process. Then I received third remained with another $50 remainder fee, again, I called them they said the same story that it takes time to process. After the fifth remainder, I also received a letter saying that the agreement cannot be cancel as the request was supposed to be sent within 2 weeks after the contract date. I send them the cancellation as soon as I received the bill which arrived in November 19/13. They intentionally sent the bill after 2 weeks of the contact date, so it could not be cancelled. I’m really stressed out right now because of the situation as I will have serious problems at work because of that. What do you recommend we should do? Regards, ********

BBB's Answer:

Definitely file a complaint with and we will assist you in the process.

Question Submitted 1/27/2014

Hi, 8 years ago I started two separate contracts with same company for home services. One contract the man put my husbands name on one contract and just mine on the other. I informed him since my husband did not agree to the contract nor was home that they both stay under my name. So I signed the one and the other contract different amount I left blank. 8 years he never received a bill or notice if payment was late. After having children i defaulted and it went to collection under just me. Unfortunately I filed bankruptcy chapter 7 and after receiving notice from my attorney they switched names of the entire bill to my husband. Even after the entire bill was already petition to the courts and I clearly signed. However when called they claimed he had signed one contract. Yet I have the original carbon document with no signature. It was not until he signed for a certified letter for me did they claim he signed it. If he did why would I receive two separate monthly statements in my name for 8 years and never once did they contact him when I defaulted. They sent me an emailed copy with his signature and when I requested to see the original from the company they did not respond. Do they have to show me the contract and explain why if he did sign did they not contact him for 8 years? It was not a co-sign it was a contract. Thank you for taking my question

BBB's Answer:

I am unclear on how to respond to this question. I would contact your state attorney generals office for more information.

Comment Submitted 1/31/2014

my grandparents bought a 9000$ water treatment system from a salesperson well i called the local plumber and was told they could have sold them the same system for 2-3 grand, they signed a contract and got out a loan for it, what are my legal options. they are on disability and do not have the income to pay for this way over priced unit for the next ten years.
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