4/2/2014 Pro: Available 24/7 Excellent Delivery Drivers Excellent Service Crew Cons: Rude Customer Service Overpriced for #2 heating oil Overpriced fees Support/Conclusion: We have enjoyed dealing with the delivery/service drivers, but the customer service is terrible. Often treat customers poorly on the phone and won't take responsibility for mistakes on their end. They like to shift the blame to customers with backhanded apologies. This company used to be ***** *** and was well known for their excellent service. When P Gagnon purchased ***** *** a lot of that excellence went away. Very unfortunate, but after this winter, we'll be shopping for a new vendor. Plenty to choose from! And many if not all the oil companies in this area will hit the same "pro" points I listed.
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Comment from the Business At 11:11 yesterday morning I received an email from Mr. Waite that explained that he had ordered fuel from us and that we had delivered more than he ordered. After checking with the individual here in the office who had taken his order I emailed Mr. Waite at 11:20 to tell him what I knew about the situation. The CSR in my office was very sure that she had been asked to fill Mr. Waites tank rather than deliver 100 gallons as he claims he did. Obviously that presents a ticklish situation where a customer says one thing, a very experienced and skilled CSR says something else and the customer is upset. I’m very familiar with the often used phrase “the customer is always right”. It was in the spirit of that idea that I responded quickly to his email and offered to allow him to pay for the oil over a couple months so that it might fit his budget. A handful of times every year a driver goofs and delivers more oil than a customers had ordered. Because we have unquestionably made a mistake, we work with the customer typically in the same way we offered to with Mr. Waite. P. Gagnon and Son never “won’t take responsibility for mistakes” nor do we “like to shift the blame to customers with backhanded apologies”. We investigate any customer service issues that pop up and take responsibility for issues we may have caused. And, occasionally we work with customers to fix problems that may not have been our fault. I encourage anyone to reads this review to give us a try. I take a great deal of pride in my family’s 110 year old business. I can’t tell you we are always perfect but I promise you that you’ll be treated nicely when you call and if we make a mistake we will fix it. And, if we ever don't perform that way, I encourage you to contact me directly either by dropping in or calling ********* **** ****** President by on 4/3/2014

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