Luxe Bloom Transforms the Floral Marketplace

Luxe Bloom: Planting Its Brand

When Shelley Rosen, founder and CEO of Luxe Bloom set out to create a company, she had a few boxes that she knew she wanted to check off. Rosen knew she wanted to be involved with a luxury brand, because as she states, "luxury brands go the distance and they build quality into everything they do. Luxury is about the details." She also knew that she wanted to have a subscription-based businesses, due to the continuous revenue flow. With these two ideas cemented, it was time for Rosen to discover the product.

Rosen was able to find an unmet need in the floral industry. By offering luxurious rose arrangements to prestigious clients, she was able to bring a new concept to an antiquated marketplace. The twist with Rosen’s floral arrangements is that she uses preserved roses that last months, not days. Luxe Bloom understands that its clients care about 3 things. Saving money, saving time and not compromising on luxury design. Rosen helps meet her clients’ needs by operating on the following 3 elements: belligerent perseverance, listening skills and humility.

Rosen believes that the brand is everything. It’s not just the logo, but also a promise that the customer can hold you to. That’s how you build trust… by rooting it in a promise you can execute.

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