Scammers Acting as Political Pollsters

Presidential Election Provides Scammers With a New Opportunity

With the US presidential election happening in November, scammers are striking while the iron is hot. It’s common around this time of year to receive phone calls from political pollsters that are looking to ask you questions about who you plan to vote for. It’s these legitimate phone calls that scammers are looking to take advantage of.

The way the scam works is a fraudster will call you claiming to be a political pollster. They’ll ask that you answer a few questions and in return you’ll receive a gift card or other reward. This is the first red flag. It’s important to know that polling companies typically don’t offer prizes. Once the scammer asks you a few legitimate questions, they will then ask for your credit card information. They say this is to cover shipping and taxes for the prize. This is another red flag. You should never have to pay to receive something you won.

To find out more about this political polling scam, as well as a few more tips on spotting and avoiding the scam, visit BBB Scam Alert.