Scammers Target Seniors With Fake Letter

Scammers Target Seniors with Fake Referendum Ballots

If you’re a senior citizen, the threat of having your Social Security taken away can be very scary, and understandably so. That feeling is the main motivation behind the latest scam in which senior citizens are receiving letters in the mail stating that Congress is attempting to abolish Social Security. The fake organization that is sending the fake letters declares that they’re here to help, they just need your credit card information to do so!

The mailer asks you to provide a donation of $16.45, which goes towards the cost of mailing out more letters to concerned citizens. They request your personal information, along with your credit card information. Once they have this information, they will charge your card for the donation, but will also begin to steal your ID and to make fraudulent charges using your credit card information.

It’s unfortunate that these scams exist, but your best defense against them is knowledge. The more aware you are, the less likely you will be to fall victim to one of these requests.

To read more about this scam visit BBB Scam Alerts.