National Panel Arbitrator Requirements



  • Ability and willingness to render all decisions through our web site for arbitrators;
  • Routine access to a fax machine and an active e-mail account;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of applicable state laws and appropriate application of the law. 


  • Availability to conduct a minimum of four paid hearings per year if called upon to do so(Requirements may be modified to meet contractual/regulatory standards);
  • Availability to travel to remote BBBs, if possible;
  • Willingness to attend one refresher training per year if called upon to do so;
  • Agreement to conduct up to three pro bono, non BBB AUTO LINE hearings per year for your BBB.


  • Agreement to submit decisions within three business days after the close of a hearing;
  • Ability to administer hearings in a professional manner;
  • A cooperative approach to on-going decision review;
  • Honorarium: $100 per case (no honorarium for reconvenings).


  • Cooperative approach to an on-going evaluation process of hearing conduct and decision review.


  • Attorney; or
  • Dispute resolution professional with experience and training as an arbitrator;or
  • Arbitrators with BBB experience outside the national arbitrator pool who are recommended by an administrator of the BBB.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in attending an arbitrator training class, please complete and submit our application.  When doing this, be sure to indicate which BBB you wish to serve should you be certified as an arbitrator.  You may also check our training calendar which is updated as new classes are put on our schedule.