BBB AUTO LINE What Consumers Are Saying


Each year, BBB AUTO LINE helps thousands of consumers resolve their complaints through mediation or arbitration. Here are what consumers are saying about the program.

I want to personally thank you for your assistance. Your efforts are greatly appreciated in a world where sometimes one doesn't know where to begin a process.
-    Melissa M.

BBB representatives are great, and BBB as a whole does an outstanding job. It also levels the playing field so manufacturers don’t walk all over consumers. I couldn’t be more pleased with BBB!
-    Brendan S.

As a first time lemon law claimant, I didn’t know what to expect, though both of the people I dealt with were highly professional and reassuring. Thanks again for your sincerity, and your professionalism.
-    Ray S.

Thank you to my BBB representative who guided me all this way through a maze that I did not understand but now HAVE GREAT ADMIRATION FOR.  This experience has a successful outcome and I have nothing but very good things to say about my experience with the BBB AUTO LINE service.  It works.
-  Jerry S.