BBB Releases 2016 Statistics

January 18, 2017

Halifax, NS – - With the books closed on 2016, the Better Business Bureau for Atlantic Canada has released their annual statistics, including their top 10 list of complaints.

In 2016, the BBB processed 1278 individual complaints. 77% of these were closed as either ‘resolved’ or ‘answered’ (meaning that the business worked with BBB, and – where appropriate – made a good faith effort to resolve the issue). Billing and customer service were the most common types of complaints, together accounting for 38% of the total.

BBB’s Top 10 Complaints of 2016 by Type of Business: 

  1. Telephone and Internet Services
  2. Used Auto Dealers
  3. New Auto Dealers
  4. Roofing Contractors
  5. Auto Repair & Service
  6. Movers
  7. Retail Furniture
  8. Major Appliance Parts & Supplies
  9. Internet Marketing Services
  10. Small Appliance Parts & Supplies


"Just because an industry has a lot of complaints doesn’t necessarily mean the companies in that industry are bad companies," says Peter Moorhouse, CEO for BBB Serving the Atlantic Provinces. "Phone and internet providers, for example, have thousands of customers, so it's inevitable that issues will arise with a certain percentage. Complaints do affect a company's letter rating, but BBB's algorithm takes the size of the company into account when assigning that rating."

In addition to these complaints, BBB in Atlantic Canada responded to over 422,000 inquiries, performed 69 advertising reviews, 48 investigations, and has now logged over 100 scams reported in our region on their online Scam Tracker.