Password Day



One of the ways crooks access your online accounts is by stealing your passwords. Prevention is key. March 15th is now known as Better Business Bureau’s Password Day! Password Day is a friendly reminder for Canadians about the importance of changing your passwords. Simply schedule 30 minutes in your calendar on Match 15th to update all your passwords.

To stop thieves from getting your personal information or money, change your password regularly. Creating strong passwords should also be part of your game plan.


  • Use at least 12 characters
  • Use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols
  • Avoid words found in the dictionary
  • Avoid using birthdates, family names, anniversaries, license plate number or pet names
  • Avoid using your real name or user name
  • Avoid using common words like “password” “Letmein” or “Monkey”
  • Keep your password secure. Don’t leave notes with your password on your computer or desk
  • Don't send your password by email or give out over the phone

Thanks to our sponsors for their contribution to the financial education of consumers and businesses.