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Why Some Of The Best Businesses Choose BBB Accreditation
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Benefits of BBB Accreditation
Credibility with Consumers
The BBB brand has stood for trust in the marketplace for over 100 years. When consumers see the BBB Accredited Business seal on your company, they know you are a business they can trust.
Competitive Edge in Your Industry
83% of U.S. consumers familiar with BBB are more likely to purchase from companies who display the BBB Accredited Business seal. (Source - Nielsen 2014/2015)
Greater Exposure with BBB Marketing Tools & Programs
You can enhance your company image and reputation with: BBB website presence, BBB marketing materials, use of BBB seal on your advertising, and BBB internet marketing sponsorships.
More customers are coming to our website each year; and your potential customers can "request-a-quote" for your products or services through our online business directory.
Customer Reviews
Your customers have the opportunity to post a review about your company on your BBB Business Review; this is a great way to also have your satisfied customers brag about you!
BBB Monthly Report
You receive stats on consumer activity with your BBB Business Review, financial and economic information, customer focused articles, and updates on BBB programs and events.
BBB Consumer Complaint Resolution
You may coordinate your BBB complaint handling quickly while also building customer loyalty; this saves you time and money so you can be focused on building your business.
Hear From BBB Accredited Businesses
"The Atlanta Better Business Bureau (BBB)........where credibility is found. There are no questions about longevity, ownership, location and reputation when you check with the BBB. "
Brian Miller
CEO, Hilltop Pools
""I would like to say that having been an A+ rated BBB Accredited Business with the Metro Atlanta Better Business Bureau (BBB) for many years has brought us many leads and a great deal of work. At Associated Environmental Landscape (AEL) we know that we have to work hard to maintain this standing with the BBB and are proud to do so."
Dave Henderson
President, Associated Environmental Landscape Services, Inc.
"There is no question that being accredited by the BBB is important to our company. BBB accreditation lets customers know that we are an upstanding company with a good history, that we treat our customers well, and that we will be here next week or next year if they ever need us again."
Roone Unger
President, EXOVATIONS of Atlanta LLC
"At KTM Roofing we are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business since 2003. BBB accreditation sets a high standard for us, the merchant, and provides the consumer a standard to know our trustworthiness."
Tim Mc Loughlin
President/Owner, KTM Roofing Company Inc.
"Companies take pride in being a BBB Accredited Business. It allows the consumer to instantly know that the company is in good standing with the community. Quality conscious business owners strive to maintain that good standing year after year."
Alec Jones
Owner, CleanACarpet.com
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