BBB Issues Warning on McManus Title Company

Always check any company prior to doing business.
August 07, 2017

BBB Serving Metro Atlanta, Athens & Northeast Georgia is warning consumers to be cautious when dealing with McManus Title Company located at 1201 Peachtree Street, Suite 200, Atlanta, Georgia 30361-6340. Their telephone number is 770-884-4847 and website is

The company indicates they are a title company and Mr. Alan Roper is listed as CEO & CFO. Ms. Patricia Roper is listed as secretary.

For the months of May, June and July, BBB has received over 400 inquiries on this firm. We began our file on this company May 2017.

BBB was notified by the Georgia Department of Law, Consumer Protection Unit, concerning McManus Title Company's Corporation reinstatement filing with the Georgia Secretary of State. McManus Title Company had administratively dissolved in December of 2016.

In February of 2017, the business reinstated the corporation filing changing the principal officer to Mr. Alan Roper, CEO, CFO. Previously, this title was held by Mr. John J. McManus.

BBB contacted Mr. McManus to verify the reinstatement information. Mr. McManus confirmed McManus Title Company is no longer in operation and did not agree to its reinstatement.

Mr. McManus claims the business is operating fraudulently and without his authorization.

BBB contacted the company to inform them of the outcome of our investigation. Correspondence sent to the company is copied below:

“BBB has completed the review of McManus Title Company. The initial concern was due to the business filing with the Georgia Secretary of State. The filing indicates the business was dissolved in December of 2016 and reinstated in February of 2017. The reinstatement document details a letter claiming to be from a Mr. John J. McManus, former CEO and CFO of McManus Title Company. The letter claims he certified and agreed to the changes of the Secretary of State filing. 

We have spoken with Mr. McManus both by phone and in writing regarding this information. He has confirmed that McManus Title Company is no longer in operation and he did not authorize the documents submitted to the Georgia Secretary of State. Mr. McManus has also provided an affidavit detailing this information.

BBB also verified the notary stamp used in the letter is fraudulent.

Due to this activity BBB regrets McManus Title company is not eligible for BBB Accreditation. This information will also be published on the BBB Business Profile for McManus Title Company.”

BBB feels it is important for consumers to educate themselves about a business before signing any contracts regarding titles and escrow services.

For more information regarding title and escrow services please contact the following:

Georgia Attorney General
Department of Law, Consumer Protection Unit
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Suite 356
Atlanta, GA 30334-9077

Consumers should check any company prior to doing business at