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Let’s Get Connected!

Alright, we know you don’t want BBB alerts on scams showing on your Facebook timeline when your friends are posting about where they went to dinner or showing endless selfies….or do you? You might be their only connection to being protected from fraud and scams in the marketplace AND you will be one step ahead! 

And Twitter, surely that’s just for letting people know what you’re doing, planning to do, posting photos of what you’re eating, showing your love for your pets, etc. NO! Twitter is a great way to get information out on the latest scams in the marketplace and who of us does not do business in the marketplace? So follow BBB on Twitter and become an educated consumer. We promise you can still keep tweeting the posts of where you went to eat!


And for those in the know, and if you connect to our social sites that would be You, please join us on our LinkedIn Page. Job listings are posted from other members; you can add an article (once approved of course) and network with other professionals in your field. How can you lose? 


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