About BBB Serving Arkansas


Since 1912, BBB has served consumers and businesses as the authority on trust in the marketplace and a leader in business self-regulation.  BBB (a private, nonprofit association of business leaders) sets and upholds high standards for ethical marketplace behavior and is the preeminent resource for unbiased information on businesses, charities, scams and other marketplace issues.  The first BBB opened in Minneapolis in 1912, followed by Cleveland and Salt Lake City in 1913.  BBB expanded across international borders in 1928 when an office opened in Montreal, Canada.  In 1930, a growing number of BBBs developed Trust In Advertising Standards which served as the foundation for the subsequent Federal Trade Commission advertising rules and regulations.  The year 1978 saw the BBB establish the largest consumer arbitration program in U.S. history with BBB AutoLine.  And in 1994, BBB was one of the first non-profit entities to establish a presence on the web at www.bbb.org. 

Across the United States and Canada there are now 114 BBBs that support communities by evaluating, monitoring, and providing more than 4 million Business Reviews on local and national business and charities.  Your Arkansas BBB, established in 1960, serves all consumers and businesses in Arkansas from its centrally located office in Little Rock and offers services to more than 3,000 Accredited Businesses in the state.  In the past 12 months, Arkansas BBB has assisted in the resolution of over 6,000 consumer/business complaints and provided over 1.2 million instances of service to companies and individuals seeking information and assistance with business issues.

Now more than ever, we encourage you to “Start with Trust” and rely on trusted information from the BBB.


12521 Kanis Rd.

Little Rock, AR 72223