Buyer Alert


Buyer Alert Low Ratings

Despite at least two requests in writing by the BBB, the following companies did not respond to a complaint or did not resolve a complaint during the period listed below. As a result they have received a rating of D or F.

The number to the right indicates the number of complaints closed during the month/year noted. BBB reports are current for the most recent three year period. Since BBB has not heard from the company regarding the complaint issues, we do not know if the customers' issues have been resolved.

The BBB will work with any company to improve customer relations and promote sound business ethics in our community. If any of the companies below responds to the complaint(s) presented to them that information will be reflected in the company's report. Our interest is to make the community a better place in which to do business, for all.

Before doing business with any company, check their BBB report. This list is not all inclusive as other companies may have unanswered or  unresolved complaints but may not have a D or an F rating due to the size of their business or other factors. BBB reports are subject to change daily. For updated reports click here.