Door To Door, Less Than You Bargained For!

July 14, 2017

The BBB warns consumers regularly to exercise caution when buying from door-to-door sales people. Did you know the transient businesses must register with the City of Amarillo and abide by the requirements?


Whether they are selling food, cleaning products, tree and yard services at your door or on the street corner, BBB wants you to be aware of the company’s background. “Many times itinerant companies are gone when a consumer has a complaint,” said Janna Kiehl, BBB CEO. “This means the consumer not only lost money they also had a bad buying experience in Amarillo.”


Before you pay anyone at your door and especially before you allow an unknown individual into your home, you should be aware of the City’s Transient Business License requirements and the BBB’s following tips:


  • Take time to investigate the company and their product. Call the BBB, check online reviews and if you don’t want to buy, don’t be afraid of saying no.  
  • Ask to see their permit from the City of Amarillo. Itinerant or transient workers with no local address must have this license. You should also ask temporary businesses set up throughout the city for their license and any accompanying license (see below).
  • If you decide you don't want to purchase the product, the Federal Trade Commission’s Cooling-Off Rule gives you three days to cancel purchases that are made in your home. The company must provide you with the forms to cancel.
  • Remember, any legitimate company that wants your business will be more than willing to allow you the time to "check them out." Don't fall prey to high pressure tactics such as "this is the only chance you have" or “this price is only good today.”


If you plan to do business with a door to door company, you need to know about the City of Amarillo’s Transient Business License.


Businesses with no fixed business location within the city limits must have a Transient Business License. Licenses are good for 30 days, and the cost is $25.00.


Temporary business locations must be zoned for the type of business operating there and the temporary business must have the property owner’s written permission to operate there.


  • Flower and/or plant vendors selling within the city limits must have a City of Amarillo transient business license and a current Nursery Floral Certificate through the Texas Dept. of Agriculture (TDA) for each location. The City’s Transient Busienss License states that the transient business license will not be issued unless the Nursery Floral Certificate is in the same name of the plant or floral vendor applying for the Transient Business license.


  • Private pet breeders wishing to sell or give away animals to the public at a temporary location must have a City of Amarillo transient business license. If selling the animals, a Texas Sales Tax Permit is also required. All vendors are subject to monitoring by the City of Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare and must have proof of vaccination for each animal.


  • Produce vendors require a Transient business license; however, they are not required to have a State sales tax permit number.


  • Precious metals vendors or buyers are required to obtain a transient business license and be licensed by the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Public Service (TxDPS) Metals Registration Program to buy or sell precious metals. Information and applications are available at the TxDPS website.


For the complete city ordinance click here