Stop Credit Card Offers

Stop credit card offers, find out how scammers get personal information and is shredding important?
July 27, 2017

Callers to the BBB often ask: “How can I stop getting all those credit card offers?”, “How do they get my personal information?” and “Should I really be shredding mail with personal information on it before putting it in the trash?”

Protect yourself from Identity Theft by taking measures to secure personal information.

How To Stop Credit Card Offers

You can stop credit card offers by opting out of receiving them. They are pre-approved which means no application is necessary. In the wrong hands, they can be signed and returned and a card sent to you. The card is then taken from your mailbox all without your knowledge. This can harm your credit. To opt out of receiving pre-screened credit card offers. Call 1-888-5OPTOUT. You will have to provide your SSN.

How Do They Get Your Social Security Number?

Dishonest people sell or steal your SSN from information they get from data breaches. The best thing you can do after a data breach is to pay special attention to the company's notices. Take action to put an alert on your credit report and change account numbers, contact your bank. Make sure to follow other notifications after a breach.

Another way they got your number is from you. Many consumers readily give their SSN without thinking about it, by using unsecure online transactions over the telephone, when your wallett is stolen, by not shredding personal documents.

Should You Shred?

Yes! If you do not want to stop pre-approved credit card offers, make sure you shred them. Shred old checks and deposit slips, expired insurance forms and anything with personal information.

Mark your calendar for BBBs two shred days/year. October 14, 2017 is the next one. The first one of the year is in April. Bookmark the website