Calls Asking to Access Computer Increase

July 21, 2017

Calls to BBB have increased in recent weeks regarding the computer access scam. If you receive a call from someone claiming your computer has a virus or saying they can fix your computer, you could put yourself at risk if you cooperate.


The lie: The caller impersonates a technology representative claiming there is a serious virus or issue with your computer. They warn if the problem is not resolved, the computer will become unusable. To "fix" it you must download a program that gives the caller access to your computer. The caller now has command of your computer and all of its files.


The truth: These calls are fake. They hold your computer ransom until you pay a fee. After you pay they may or may not release your files. They can also access your email account and use it to send email to your contacts that may contain viruses.


What to do:

  • Be wary of unsolicited calls.
  • Don’t give control of your computer to a stranger who calls out of the blue. Hang up and report it!
  • Don't download attachments or trust e-mail links.
  • Do Contact a trusted tech support company if you think you have been a victim of this scam. Contact BBB for a list of Accredited Businesses in this category.
  • Do keep system updates, virus and spyware protection current.
  • Never share personal financial information with strangers online.


Report it: At the Internet Crime Complaint Center at and Scam Tracker